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Patient Experience: 5 Ways to Get and Keep New Patients

There are thousands of companies out there that sell solutions to help you grow your medical practice. The majority of them focus almost entirely on marketing, not patient experience. There are companies to help you manage your Facebook Ads and Adwords campaigns. There are companies that sell practice website solutions. And of course, the newspaper […]

The email from an OhMD user

I was at the office late one night last summer when my iPhone buzzed on the desk. *New email* It was from a pediatrician on that I had spoken to a few times in the past. I was expecting a support question or a feature request, but this email was different: Wow. I always believed […]

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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Reimbursement FAQs

Your Guide to Chronic Care Remote Patient Monitoring Codes What are Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Services? While Medicare has been offering reimbursement for the “collection and interpretation of physiologic data (e.g., ECG, blood pressure, glucose monitoring since the beginning of 2018, CPT code 99453, CPT code 99454 and CPT code 99457 were created to monitor […]

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The CMS RPM Reimbursement Rule – Getting paid to text patients

Why texting for RPM reimbursement? Physicians rarely text patients. If you ask a physician why they don’t use texting for patient care, they will respond in one of the following ways: “My patient portal has messaging but nobody uses it.” “Why would I want patients texting me at all hours of the night?” “Nobody pays […]

Leveraging OhMD’s Secure Text Messaging Platform for Mental Health / Counseling

We know mental and behavioral health professionals text a lot.  Whether you’re a therapist, social worker, psychologist or psychiatrist, chances are you already text with patients and referring providers.  OhMD is a free, secure platform that offers the convenience of texting without the security risk. Texting with patients: In the counseling field, it’s imperative to […]

Leveraging OhMD’s Secure Text Messaging Platform for Concierge Medicine and Direct Primary Care

The Concierge Medicine and Direct Primary Care (DPC) models are built on the promise of providing the highest level of service to patients.  Many concierge providers give patients their personal cell phone number so that they can be accessible by text 24/7.  With OhMD you can deliver that same level of accessibility to patients without […]

Leveraging OhMD’s Secure Text Messaging Platform for Primary Care

Primary care practices are the hub of a patient’s medical care.  In a primary care practice providers need to provide a high level of patient care while seeing as many patients as possible, and minimize costs.  What if you had a solution that helped drive patient volume and reduced call volume by up to 30%, […]

Leveraging OhMD’s Secure Text Messaging Platform for Home Health

Doctors and nurses who work in home health are always on the go, and they need to secure way to stay in touch and manage their schedule. OhMD helps care providers at home health agencies communicate with colleagues, schedulers and patients. Why use OhMD? Use just one secure application to communicate with patients, collaborate on […]


Leveraging OhMD’s Secure Text Messaging Platform for Pediatric Practices

Like all primary care specialties, pediatric practices require a high level of patient engagement.  Kids get sick, parents get worried, and being accessible in those situations can make a big difference to patients and families.  But there are lots of ways that OhMD can use secure texting to help improve the efficiency of your practice. […]

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Three iOS and Android Apps that will Increase Physician Productivity

In September I went to the International Conference on Physician Health in Boston. My intern and I interviewed approximately 130 different healthcare professionals and providers on their favorite mobile apps to use on the job. About 60% of the providers I spoke with were internal medicine physicians and 40% were specialists. One complaint that kept coming up was […]

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HIPAA compliant email vs HIPAA compliant texting

Emailing is not the primary form of communication amongst younger generations. As a millennial, it’s fair to say that we are always on our phones. Whether we are using it to text, check Facebook, use Snapchat or Messenger it’s abundantly clear that we use our phones to quickly send messages to our friends and colleagues. Emails still […]

How OhMD’s co-founder Ethan Bechtel became so interested in fixing healthcare

The CEO and co-founder of OhMD, Ethan Bechtel, is no stranger to healthcare and the life of a regular patient. Like many kids, Ethan spent his youth playing soccer, skiing, snowboarding, and pushing the limits.  “When I was young, we would snowboard in backyards on snowboards without bindings” said Bechtel. “They had a rope connected […]