Text-enable your landline and turn every call and voicemail into an experience patients love

OhMD is a digital front door that allows you to streamline patient intake, visits and follow-up. As a result, what used to take hours, now takes just seconds. Deliver an incredible experience through OhMD’s patient communication software, even when patients are not in your office.

OhMD HIPAA compliant texting service

Text Patients From Your Office Phone Number

With OhMD patient communications are delivered right to the patient’s phone by SMS text message or encrypted message link. No need to download an app.

Over 90% of text messages are read within the first three minutes, while only 20% of phone calls from an unknown number are answered.

Bring high patient call volume under control. Short-staffed care teams can spend more time on care and less on administrative tasks.

HIPAA compliant patient communication, with less effort that saves your staff members hours each day.

Increase patient retention and favorable online reviews through personal, efficient, text communication.

Patient communication SMS texting tool with OhMD
OhMD automated appointment reminders

Auto-Magically Text Patients And Take Back Your Day

OhMD Autopilot brings automation together with human conversations for super effective patient communication.

Save staff time and energy by automating your most common workflows like appointment scheduling, prescription refills and patient referrals. Automatically collect patient responses while you focus on delivering the highest quality care.

Care team members using OhMD cut down hours spent on administrative tasks by 2-3 hours per day.

While your patient is answering Autopilot questions, your team can jump directly into the same conversation to deliver a truly personalized patient experience.

Cut down high patient call volume and address the issues associated with short-staffing with Autopilot.

Appointment Reminders and Clinical Automation
OhMD appointment reminder text

Broadcast Messages To Patients With Ease

The traditional means of reaching patients don’t work like they used to. OhMD can bring efficiency and automation to patient communication in a way that drives new revenue into your practice.

Now you can tell everyone about office closures, announce vaccine availability, or tell your patients about a new service. Utilize OhMD’s patient tagging and segment your messages easily and effectively. Successfully drive patients to take action on everything from preventive visits to bill payments in just a few simple clicks.

Increase patient collections by as much as 30% and decrease visit no shows with Appointment Reminder Texts

Send notifications that patients truly pay attention to because they are coming from a real person on your team.

Compliant SMS and HIPAA text messages for patients
OhMD HIPAA compliant video conferencing

Simplified Video Visits And Calling From Your Landline

You need the right patient communication tools to stay in touch, accommodate patient preferences, ensure the highest quality outcomes, and increase satisfaction.

That’s why we took an entirely unique approach to video visits. OhMD’s Video Visits allow you to launch a patient video visit or phone call in a single tap from a text message.

Bring easy telehealth access to patients. No portal logins, no passwords to remember, and no app to download. Immediately launch a video visit right from a text link on mobile or computer.

Empower your team to provide better patient communication and more efficient care.

hipaa compliant telehealth for all specialties
OhMD Patient Calling from your computer

Call Patients While Protecting Your Contact Info

With Patient Calling, make phone calling actually work for your care team in a single click. Outbound calls right to your patient’s cell phone from your office number.

Place voice calls to patients about scheduling, billing, and clinical questions without leaving OhMD or picking up a phone.

Call-to-Text can also transcribe your calls for you. Automatically track time spent on call that you can transfer to your EHR for easy billing.

OhMD’s patient communication toolkit lets you connect with patients and track everything to supercharge care team efficiency.

Call patients right from your computer with OhMD Patient Calling
OhMD HIPAA compliant instant messaging

Live Chat Designed For Healthcare

Grow your healthcare business and increase new patient acquisition by giving your website visitors an easy way to ask questions and set up an appointment.

Prospective patients who chat on your site are 82% more likely to convert than those who don’t.

Increase engagement with chat built for your healthcare organization. Patient contact cards let you collect information for webchat or text message outreach if they happen to leave your site.

Customize the look and feel of your live chat to match your organization’s website branding.

Use OhMD’s live chat feature to improve patient satisfaction by delivering an incredible patient experience. Give your patients the access they want while helping your practice thrive.

website chat hipaa
OhMD HIPAA compliant form, survey and file sharing

Send Forms, Surveys, And Files Through Text Message

Great patient communication drives the best patient experiences. 80% of patients want to be able to communicate with their doctor’s office over text message. Deliver what they want. With OhMD, texting with patients is easy. You can send and receive intake forms, surveys, images and files all over SMS text or encrypted message links.

98% of text messages are read vs 28% email and 7% patient portal

Go paperless and deliver an incredible experience with electronic forms that patients can fill out right from their phone. Send patient education, insurance cards, pictures or links in seconds. Our HIPAA compliant texting platform ensures your messages will be sent securely.

File Delivery is also super helpful for Care Coordination

HIPAA Compliant Patient Intake Form
OhMD Referral Management

Capture And Convert Every Referral

Make the patient referral process for your practice a fast and easy experience that both providers and patients love.

Leverage a dedicated patient referral phone number that referrers can text or call with automatic transcription.

OhMD will capture all the information surrounding the patient’s referral needs and automate the outreach to the patient to collect information like insurance and get them scheduled.

Patient referral phone tag is a thing of the past. Capture and convert patient referrals creating a closed loop referral process and ending referral leakage forever!

OhMD Referral Management is built to streamline referral communications for providers and patients
OhMD text message EHR system integrations

Patient Communication Integrated With 85 EHRs

Now you can save all your patient conversations directly into the patient chart in your EHR so you can reference a longitudinal record of patient communication between visits.

Add information from real conversations with patients in a click. Easily search for any of your patients from right within OhMD without any need to manually add them. Document time on video visits and phone calls for easy billing. OhMD’s EHR integration is built to help you deliver high quality care and a healthier bottom line.

Cerner, Epic, athenahealth, eClinicalWorks… the list goes on. OhMD integrates with over 85 EHRs to make your care team more efficient.

EHR Integrations

OhMD saved the lives of two of my newborn patients. Without the pictures and the immediacy of OhMD, I might not have understood how serious the situation was. There’s no greater endorsement than that.

pediatrician texting with patients Dr. Janet Pate Pediatrician, Texas

Ready to eliminate phone tag and delight your patients?

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Patient Communication Questions

No problem. Patient communication on OhMD was designed with the flexibility to allow for each provider to use it in the way they’d like. So that means you can set OhMD up to allow patient texts to go to your office staff, or if you’d like, you can receive them directly.

Once you’ve created an OhMD account, you can use it for clinical communication and care coordination with your colleagues. Learn more here.

Yes. With OhMD’s Conversational Patient Communication software, practices can send appointment reminder texts to patients without ever requiring those patients to download an app.

Yes! As a matter of fact, OhMD can be used with any other healthcare professional with an OhMD account. You can use OhMD from Web, iOS, and Android to communicate with clinicians both in, and outside your practice.

“HIPAA Compliant Texting” is a secure means of transmitting protected health information (PHI) by text message. Consequently, there are a number of technical safeguards and procedural requirements that both a vendor (e.g. OhMD), and a covered entity (e.g. a medical practice) must adhere to. HIPAA compliant texting allows for streamlining of physician, care team, and clinical communication which leads to improved operational efficiencies and a higher standard of patient care. Learn more…

Complying with HIPAA is a shared responsibility between the customer and OhMD. In other words, there are a number of logistical and technical requirements that must be met to make a product HIPAA secure. You can read more here.

Yes. In fact, OhMD can be used by physicians, other healthcare providers and their teams on any web browser along with our iOS and Android apps. Patients can access OhMD from the mobile apps, or by responding to an encrypted message from a practice on their mobile device.

No patients will never see your cell phone number on OhMD.

No. Actually your practice can set OhMD hours in the admin settings so that patients receive an out-of-office reply outside of normal business hours. As a result, you’ll still be able to view messages at any time, but you won’t be obligated to respond right away.

Yes. OhMD allows you and your practice staff to securely text any of your patients regardless of whether they have the OhMD app or not. And you can send these secure messages from the OhMD platform on your mobile device or directly from your computer.

No. In fact, OhMD allows your practice to send and receive text messages to any patient directly from your computer with our paid plan.

Yes. As a matter of fact, you can use OhMD’s free or premium platform to communicate with any other physician, clinician, pharmacy, or practice that is also on OhMD. Learn more here.

The OhMD app is available for download in the App Store or Google Play Store. In addition, OhMD’s premium plans can communicate with patients without requiring them to download the app at all!

OhMD believes that great relationships begin with great conversations. Our patient communication software is entirely designed around text-based conversations that improve the patient-practice relationship.