You’re busy. Too busy to play phone tag with colleagues, staff, and referring providers.

Our HIPAA compliant messaging platform allows all types of healthcare professionals to communicate quickly and more effectively with colleagues, care teams, and referring providers. It’s clinical communication made simple. Your team will not only use it, but they’ll also love it.

OhMD HIPAA compliant texting service

Two-way Texting

Raise the bar on the quality and speed of your communication. Accelerate and simplify HIPAA compliant texting and communication between office staff, referring providers, and pharmacies. That’s right, OhMD allows for care coordination between practices and hospitals you work with most often.

OhMD is the only healthcare communication platform that brings patient and clinical communication into the same, easy to use platform. Our mission is to put free, intuitive healthcare communication in the hands of every physician, clinician, office staff, and patient.

That’s right, OhMD offers an entirely free version of our healthcare communication platform to all healthcare professionals.

The protection you need to communicate freely. Rest easy knowing that sharing clinical information and patient conversations are HIPAA compliant.

Two-way messaging also makes Patient Communication more efficient than ever and will save you hours of phone tag every day.

hipaa texting for physicians, nurses, care teams
OhMD HIPAA compliant form, survey and file sharing

Forms, Surveys & Files

Efficient communication means patients receive the care they deserve. Send an image to a colleague for a second opinion, or an administrative form to streamline a referral. Even send a PDF or clinical note from your EHR to a referring provider.

Stay connected with your colleagues with modern, HIPAA compliant technology. Say goodbye to fax machines and pagers.

File Delivery can also be used for Patient Communication

physician texting files
OhMD patient communication user management and text auditing

Auditing and User Management

We make user management easy by giving you the tools you need to easily add and manage your users within OhMD.

No data is saved directly to any device, and accounts can be deactivated centrally.

You also have the ability to easily audit conversations for users within your organization.

Auditing and User Management

Our productivity is way up. All of my staff have their own OhMD account. We no longer use our EMR for routine communication, we use OhMD.

Dr. Stephen Miller HIPAA patient communication Dr. Stephen Miller Cardiologist, Utah

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Care Coordination Questions

Yes — most practices use OhMD every day to replace all the phone volume they are so often overwhelmed by. So we built OhMD as a complete care coordination platform that can be used by providers on any web browser, along with our iOS and Android apps. You can even create group chats and call groups to manage patient communications efficiently.

Yes — you can use OhMD with any other healthcare professional that has downloaded and registered for OhMD. In fact, we believe simple care coordination and clinical communication is so important that we’ve included this functionality in the free platform. So if you regularly communicate with a particular practice, physician, or care team, you can tell them they can use OhMD for free!

Absolutely! Once you have an OhMD account, you can use it to communicate with your colleagues in direct chats or you can create group chats. If you’d like to add colleagues to your organization in OhMD, simply go to Settings > Users > Add User.

Security and HIPAA compliance are core components of OhMD. Complying with HIPAA is a shared responsibility between the customer and OhMD. There are a number of logistical and technical requirements that must be met to make a product HIPAA secure. You can read more here.

Any “HIPAA Compliant Texting App” should be designed around quick and efficient communication for clinicians. Effective communication in healthcare is critically important for patient care, and the security of protected health information (PHI) is a top priority. With a HIPAA compliant texting app, physicians and clinicians can communicate across mobile and desktop devices to coordinate care while adhering to the technical safeguards required by HIPAA.

No, your practice can set OhMD hours in the admin settings so that patients receive an out-of-office reply outside of normal business hours. You’ll still be able to view messages at any time, but you won’t be obligated to respond right away.

Yes! You can set OhMD up to fit your practice workflow. The more colleagues and staff you have using OhMD, the more efficient care coordination will be. Once you have your team in OhMD, they can login to our Web app (at, or download the OhMD app from the App Store or Google Play.

OhMD is the only healthcare communication platform that brings care coordination and patient communication into one modern platform. The platform can be used for one or both of those feature-sets depending on how you and your staff want to use OhMD.

Our platform allows all healthcare professionals of all kinds to use it to improve care coordination and patient communication.

OhMD user management is in a central console for all organizations. Data is also not saved on any of the devices accessing OhMD, so if you need to remove someone from your organization, they will no longer have access to their OhMD account or the conversations.