In the hospital environment, communication is critical. The larger the organization, the more complex the communication dynamic is. Most hospitals separate their communications into two buckets: Care Coordination (or HIPAA Compliant Texting) and Patient Communication. The OhMD platform brings both types of communication into the same platform.

Care Coordination. In a hospital setting, healthcare providers need to communicate with each other constantly. And if we’ve learned one thing about clinical communication and HIPAA compliant texting in recent years, it’s that just because you have a tool that allows for communication, it doesn’t mean it will get used. In other words, the unsanctioned use of iMessage and other non-compliant consumer texting apps is out of control.

OhMD’s solution to this is simple: build a simple, intuitive user experience that people want to use, and they won’t need those consumer apps. This is how you streamline communication with HIPAA compliant texting.

Patient Communication. It is becoming increasingly important and more challenging to reach patients in a way that works for them. Studies show only 7% of messages send through a patient portal are actually read. By comparison, text messages are read 98% of the time. At OhMD, we’ve build powerful tools to allow your care coordinators and patient outreach specialists to communicate with patients when even telephone calls are less effective than they used to be.