We’ve always felt a real connection to improving patient access and care. It’s core to who we are, and it always has been. We like to work with organizations that feel the same way.

We’ve all been exposed to the challenges of healthcare. It isn’t often easy to navigate. It isn’t always affordable. It isn’t always even available for many. There’s tremendous room for improvement.

We believe many of these challenges can be addressed through better communication with a focus on simplicity.

We built OhMD to give care teams and patients the freedom to communicate directly with one another. This ease of communication and re-focus on the patient conversation repositions the patient at the center of healthcare, as they should be.

With this vision in mind, we acknowledge that many patients still struggle with access to healthcare due to geographic, financial, or technological constraints. At OhMD we believe that all patients, regardless of these factors, should have simple access to quality healthcare and telehealth.

This driving factor propels us to improve accessibility to our own platform every day. It also encourages us to support groups who share our goal of expanding access to healthcare and telehealth.

Here are some of the groups we support that are aligned with our vision for improved access and quality of care:

Telehealth Access for Seniors – A student-run nonprofit launched in March 2020 to provide senior and low-income patients with devices for better telehealth access.

Joya Child and Family Development – A non-profit in Spokane County, Washington offering pediatric therapy to families regardless of their ability to pay.


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