The patient texting API

Special Delivery! The patient texting API designed by OhMD makes two-way patient communication over SMS even easier for practices and solution partners. Get in touch for access to our API docs, and start building better patient connection through conversation.

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Leverage the power of OhMD's patient communication platform with your own tools and services via the OhMD Special Delivery API

Your shortcut to best-in-class patient communication

  • Cut your SMS costs by 50% or more
    We secure unprecedented rates so you can maximize communication while minimizing spend
  • Ignite your patient engagement
    Tap into the best HIPAA compliant text experience with read and response rates of over 90%
  • Give patients even more reasons to love you
    Consolidate communication across many tools into a unified, secure, streamlined conversation

OhMD's Special Delivery Patient Texting API allows you to simplify patient conversations by integrating the best patient texting platform for consent management, office hour availability, PHI and TCPA compliance, generating trackable links, patient scheduling preferences, payment collection, patient chats and more. Tap into the best-in-class patient communication solution.

Our enterprise-grade API was built to accommodate nearly every use case for SMS imaginable

With the OhMD patient experience API, essentially embed our patient conversation platform in your app or connect users to your service within OhMD natively.

Why app developers choose OhMD Special Delivery

  • Special Delivery is the cost-effective, zero maintenance way to bring two-way texting to your healthcare solution
  • HIPAA, PCI, and TCPA compliant patient texting solutions that let you focus on building your business
  • A unified communication view that brings simplicity to your customers
  • Select API partners gain access to 40,000+ physicians using OhMD

Easily embed OhMD functionality right within your own platform with OhMD Special Delivery API

OhMD in your platform

Patient communication embedded in your solution. See how integrating OhMD functionality into your own products and offerings can elevate how your customers communicate with patients.


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