OhMD Plan - Basic

Basic Free

Great for texting all of your colleagues and patients through the OhMD app.

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  • Requires Mobile App for Patients
  • Desktop/Mobile Access for Staff
  • Unlimited Colleague Chats
  • Unlimited Patients
  • Basic Attachments
  • Automatic BAA with Registration
  • Availability Settings
  • Up to 15 Staff
OhMD Plan - Plus

Plus from $7/user/mo.

Perfect for app-based, team communication with all of your colleagues.

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All of Basic, AND:
  • Great for Team Communication
  • Unlimited Colleague Chats
  • Mobile App Required for Patients
  • Forms (optional)
  • Chat Auditing
  • Premium Support
  • Business Associate Agreement

Want two-way SMS with patients? See the “Reach” plan.

OhMD Plan - Reach

Reach Chat with us

The best for telehealth, two-way SMS texting, and patient relationship management.

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For an incredible patient experience
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We believe simple, efficient communication is the most important problem we can help solve in healthcare.

This is why we offer basic OhMD features for free to all. Studies have shown that when care coordination is easy, and patient engagement is high, the quality of care increases — a win for all.

As we continue to create premium features that help providers be more efficient, rest assured that our basic messaging features will always be free.