These days, it’s hard to get patients to answer a phone call. Even fewer patients take the time to listen to voicemails, and those email reminders? They don’t get opened. Unfortunately, this means patients are even more likely than ever to miss their appointment. When you can’t reach your patients, you end up with empty appointment slots and lost revenue. Luckily, a patient appointment text reminder is an effective way of reaching patients in a timely way.

Sending a simple patient appointment text reminder with OhMD can drastically reduce no-show rate

As text messaging has become the preferred method of patient communication, it is now easier than ever to reach your patients. A quick, friendly reminder by SMS text message can easily replace a game of phone tag. And when you use OhMD’s patient appointment reminder texts, you’re guaranteed to decrease healthcare appointment no-shows.

Sending patient reminders via SMS can help to ensure your schedule remains filled and there is no revenue lost

Watch your no-show rate plummet

See how you can generate more revenue, save staff time, and slash no-shows with simple SMS appointment reminders.

What are the benefits of using healthcare appointment reminder software?

Using appointment text reminder software offers several benefits, including reducing no-shows and cancellations, improving patient satisfaction, optimizing appointment scheduling, saving time and resources for your team members, and enhancing overall communication and efficiency in your practice.

Text appointment reminders, but better

There are all types of automated reminders. But you need automated reminders that actually work for your practice.

Patients don’t want to be called during work or at home by robo-dialers from phone numbers they don’t recognize. They aren’t likely to listen to voicemails or read emails from their overfull inbox, and even text messages can get annoying when they are clearly just being blasted out by a computer.

This all feels like spam to patients.

This is how OhMD is different.

Our appointment reminder text service reach the patient via SMS messages. It’s like a personal text from the practice appointment scheduler. The patient reminder text message truly opens a two-way dialogue between the patient and your practice from a phone number they are familiar with. It is the best way to connect as it allows you to replace the cumbersome telephone reminder call and email reminders with abysmal open rates with efficient HIPAA compliant text messaging conversations.

Text message appointment reminder to a patient that put an end to the reminder phone call

Not only is this what patients are looking for in a modern practice, but it’s what your practice needs to be efficient and drive revenue that would otherwise be lost.

Personalized Text Reminders For Appointments

Sending an email blast with the time of the appointment simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Each appointment reminder text message from OhMD can be personalized with the perfect combination of practice and patient information. It’s easy to send all your text appointment reminders with customized appointment details like practice name, patient first name, appointment date, appointment time, and even a greeting from someone at the practice. The more personal and interactive the patient reminder, the more likely the patient is to pay attention, and engaged patients lead to higher quality care outcomes. Personalization is a template for success especially when it comes to last-minute reminders like an appointment tomorrow.

This is the end of reminder calls that never get answered.

Customizing confirmation texts helps to build a relationship of trust with your patients. Personalized appointment text reminders for patients are a great way to ensure a better experience for your patients, as they can include a tailored opening using the customer’s first name and key information like the address of the appointment location to make sure customers arrive at the correct time and place.

Create personalized SMS text message confirmation for doctor visits using OhMD Broadcast.

The beauty of the OhMD appointment text reminder is that they can text you back for direct, one-to-one conversation, and the entire interaction happens right from your office phone number. A simple workflow that lets you actually connect and build relationships.

Streamlining patient engagement with OhMD patient appointment reminders

It all starts with a text message.

You send text reminders for scheduled appointments, whether it be a one off text message reminder or appointment confirmation, or engage through a one-to-many broadcast message with the ability to personalize messages leveraging dynamic fields that can be pulled in via CSV or Excel file. With OhMD you can even create reusable Broadcast message templates for more efficient automation.

Patient responses to your text appointment reminder flow back to OhMD for easy interaction. For your patients it’s as simple as can be. It feels like they are on a first name basis with you. No logging into a portal. No phone calling. No voicemail. No waiting on hold. Just simple patient reminders from your main office phone number they will see and can easily interact with.

Real conversations can be had with your patients as they are needed with OhMD's patient text reminders.

You, as the care provider, can reply to patients right in the platform and strengthen the patient experience through one-on-one conversations. An easy, HIPAA compliant patient appointment reminder software that streamlines your conversations and keeps your schedules full.

A conversational approach to appointment scheduling reminders with real results

Conversational appointment reminders and confirmations through OhMD’s texting platform is not only easy, it just, plain works. Thousands of healthcare providers across the country use OhMD to build relationships, cultivating consistently booked calendars while keeping the patient and their bottom line healthy.

Sending appointment confirmation texts with OhMD, one OhMD client saw a 90% confirmation rate increase by text message within weeks

Just recently, OhMD client, Integrated Spine and Joint Institute saw their appointment confirmation rate via text soar to 90% resulting in over $120,000 in added revenue per year. They credit their success to the ability to have actual conversations with their patients.

Just a few things OhMD clients love about text appointment reminders

  • Grow your practice and reduce missed appointments and cancellation rate with automated confirmation reminder text messages
  • Watch patient satisfaction soar for both new and existing patients
  • Broadcast upcoming appointment reminders to your patient, client, or customer
  • Send appointment scheduling, appointment confirmation, reschedule notifications, billing notifications and more
  • Eliminate the appointment reminder phone call completely, allowing staff to focus on delivering care
  • Supplement the email appointment reminder as text messages get read 90% of the time in the first three minutes
  • Segment your audience however you like regardless of appointment type
  • Follow up after their confirmation with patient forms that can be completed right from their cell phone

EHR integrated SMS reminders and confirmations

We integrate with over 85 of the industry’s leading electronic health record systems (EHRs) that push your patient list right into OhMD where you can send your SMS appointment text reminders. At the end of your patient conversation, push the entire chat back into the patient record in a click.