Your ability to communicate with colleagues and patients has a very real impact on patient care. When communication isn’t efficient, it often just doesn’t happen. So while healthcare is still reliant on the relics that are fax machines and pagers, that doesn’t mean you can’t interact using the modern tools you want to use.

The average patient phone conversation takes 10 minutes (including voicemails and phone tag). With OhMD, you can search for any patient, and send them a message in 10 seconds. You can even send a message to all of your patients at once. The best part is, they don’t need an app to respond and there’s a 98% chance they will read it. OhMD’s patient communication platform will save your staff hours each and every day.

OhMD for clinical communication connects any physician with any other provider, care team, or clinician. And we know that communication isn’t confined to the four walls of your practice, so you can use OhMD on iOS, Android, or Web to send messages, images, or PDFs to any other OhMD user, referring provider, pharmacist, or community health worker. The best part is, these basic communication features are 100% free for any physician, clinical staff, or general healthcare worker. And of course, it’s HIPAA compliant.