How thriving practices communicate with patients

Gone are the days of endless patient calls and phone tag.
Patient communication software that brings harmony to practices.

Patient Communication Software and HIPAA Compliant Texting Patient communication software for a more efficient practice

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Amazing patient communication starts with a text message

Patients want to keep things simple, and so do you. OhMD makes texting simple for your entire practice — all through your practice phone number. Two-way patient communication platform, call-to-text, voicemail transcription, and more – all in one place.

Reach patients, not voicemail

90% of texts get read in the first 3 minutes! Eliminate hours of phone time and connect with patients on their terms through two-way SMS texting from your office number.

The best way to save time each and every day

OhMD makes it easy to deliver an incredibly convenient and efficient patient experience with features that scale with your organization and save you hours every day. High call volume? OhMD will cut it in half so you can get work done again. Share information seamlessly and securely between patients, clinicians, staff, and your EHR.

Automated Texts and Call-to-Text

Eliminate voicemails and hold times by automatically texting patients and converting patient calls into text messages

Live chat with your website visitors

Grow your practice by making it easier than ever for patients to ask questions with a secure live chat right on your website.

Send text messages to groups of patients at once

Message many patients at the same time – all with personalized messages using our Broadcast feature.

Seamlessly capture patient data with e-forms

Eliminate unnecessary paperwork with HIPAA-compliant electronic forms on your website or send to your patients via text message and live webchat.

Integration with over 85 EHR solutions

Send and receive patient data across a wide array of electronic health record solutions including athenahealth, Allscripts, Cerner, DrChrono, eClinicalWorks, Epic and more!

Launch a video visit in a single tap

Text your patients a link and with a single tap from their mobile device you’ll be connected on a secure video visit.

Lightning fast patient referral capture and conversion

Dramatically reduce the amount of time between receiving a patient referral and actually booking their appointment.

Turn patients into fans and increase revenue with a text message

OhMD has everything you need to deliver a world-class experience. Practices that use OhMD grow and thrive because there’s nothing more powerful than a happy patient who helps spread the word about you.

Improve your bottom line

Create appointments, Answer medical questions, enable patient intake and forms, prescription refills, billing and more all through HIPAA compliant texting using your current office line. Make the patient experience incredible!

Generate glowing online reviews

Say goodbye to post-visit postcards and prompt patients for a review at just the right time — for you and them.

Improve the Patient Conversation with OhMD

SMS and HIPAA Compliant Texting

Your patients need to feel safe when they come to you. OhMD’s HIPAA compliant texting platform gives clinicians and patients the peace of mind that personal health information is secure so you can focus on providing safe, high quality care. This is why OhMD is trusted by over 40,000 healthcare professionals.

Virginia Burberry

Director of Clinical Education Family Practice Associates of Lexington

Virginia describes how OhMD reduced the stress of the short-staffed care team at Family Practice Associates of Lexington by texting patients and spending less time making phone calls.

Connect with your EHR

With more than 50 EHR integrations, OhMD’s patient engagement software makes it easy to save your patient conversations back to your EHR.

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