Now more than ever, a patient’s first interaction with a practice occurs online. The search results page is becoming the new homepage, so it’s even more critical today that practices have a strong online reputation via stellar reviews.

55% of patients say a 4-star review at minimum is make-or-break in their choice of provider. The #1 overwhelming factor in patient reviews is the quality of customer service like short wait times, simple communication, easy intake, and great followup. 

OhMD can satisfy all of these needs. Patients no longer need to call the practice to schedule an appointment, print out forms for their next visit, or waste time in a digital waiting room for their telehealth appointment. To top it off, practices can now seamlessly request reviews on this radically improved patient experience.

With our reputation management tools, practices generate a unique link and landing page they text directly to their patients allowing them to leave reviews on the site of their choice including Google, Facebook, and industry-specific review sites like HealthGrades.

To learn more about how OhMD can improve your practice’s online reputation, schedule a demo with an expert today!