Primary care practices are the hub of a patient’s medical care.  In a primary care practice providers need to provide a high level of patient care while seeing as many patients as possible, and minimize costs.  What if you had a solution that helped drive patient volume and reduced call volume by up to 30%, allowing staff to be more efficient and productive?

Drive Patient Volume

Primary care providers and staff spend too much of their day doing activities that don’t generate revenue for the practice, over half of their day on average in fact.  That includes documentation in the EMR and playing phone tag with referring providers, pharmacies and patients.  OhMD can help alleviate these pain points.

The majority of Americans would prefer to text than to call, especially when they have to contend with complicated phone menus, long hold times, or voicemail.  With OhMD patients can text the office to schedule an appointment, cancel an appointment, or determine if an in-office appointment is necessary.  That allows providers to fill their schedule, reduce no-shows, and allows staff to better triage same-day appointment requests.  Although CMS doesn’t currently reimburse for asynchronous telehealth services, practices can increase their revenue by giving patients an easy way to schedule appointments and helping staff improve efficiency.

Secure texting in primary care

Applications of OhMD in Primary Care

  • OhMD can also be used to share educational materials, and remind patients about health events like flu shots.
  • Photos can be sent securely via OhMD, allowing patients to text photos of rashes, wounds, and insurance cards, and providers can share images of lab results and x-rays.
  • Patients love OhMD.  Some primary care practices see over 80% adoption of OhMD — that’s way more than any patient portal.

Coordinate with Referring Providers

PCPs coordinate referrals to medical specialists, mental health providers, and pharmacies, and they are the point of contact for the hospital when a patient ends up in the ED or OR.  OhMD allows providers across the care continuum, even in disparate health organizations, to communicate and collaborate on patient care.  This not only makes life easier for providers, it also improves patient care and health outcomes.

OhMD Features:

  • OhMD allows you to communicate with colleagues and staff within your practice and colleagues from other organizations.  This means you can use one application to manage all your referrals and complex cases.
  • With OhMD you don’t need to worry about receiving patient texts 24/7.  You can customize your availability settings to determine when you want to receive OhMD messages and the response patients receive after hours.
  • It’s free.  There’s no catch.

“OhMD means one less layer away between me and my patients.”

“OhMD greatly increases patient satisfaction. This works like a portal is supposed to work, but because it comes to my phone I feel closer to it.  I can reply faster, it’s easier, and the patients like it so much better.”