When working with parents to provide the best care for their children, it’s important to stay connected and build trust. With OhMD two-way patient texting, parents are easier to reach than ever because 97% of patients prefer texting over phone calls or patient portals. Now pediatricians can text questions about a child’s behavior or medication and get a response back within minutes. No more waiting for the family to call back or come in for an unnecessary appointment. Texting saves the pediatrician and family time, and the improved communication builds trust.

For the times when a parent’s description just doesn’t cut it, pediatricians can use OhMD’s video visit tool to chat with the child. Many parents are always on the go, launching a one-tap video visit from their phone ensures attentive child care without comprising convenience. Video visits allow pediatricians to complete routine check-ups or assess a child’s illness by seeing them and asking questions. For many children, going to the doctor can be a scary, sometimes traumatising experience. Video visits allow kids to get the care they need from the comfort of their home. Doctors can often get enough info to make a diagnosis and recommend treatment in a 15 minute video visit. This frees up time in their schedule to accommodate the kids who do need to pay in-person visits.

There are a lot of required forms associated with visits to the pediatrician, including intake forms outlining medical history and allergies, developmental forms like the PHQ-9, and the list goes on. Having parents fill out all these forms in the waiting room, sometimes for multiple kids at once, can put the family and the practice behind for the day. With OhMD Forms, the front desk can text parents a link to fill out the forms on their smartphone days in advance. This simplifies the forms process for parents and office staff. Plus, it saves your office a ton of money (up to $20 per form filed) by going paperless.

OhMD has helped pediatric offices across the country improve daily workflow, productivity, and patient satisfaction. It has provided flexibility for families and their providers, as well as consistency of care and communication. Check out what other pediatric practices are saying about OhMD here.

Here are some pediatric practices currently using OhMD:

southeastern pediatric associates
journey pediatrics
parker place

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