With OhMD, Ob/Gyn practices can streamline their workflow to improve patient satisfaction, acquisition, and payment collection.

It starts with having patients text the practice to schedule an appointment. They can chat with front desk staff to find a time that works for them, all by text. Transitioning from phone calls to texting saves the practice administrative staff time and optimizes the number of patient inquiries they can manage at once. In fact, practices on OhMD save on average 2.9 hours per staff member per day by switching from calling to texting.

To save even more time, staff can use the broadcast tool to send appointment reminders to a long list of patients at once. Within these reminders, you can include a link to the forms patients should fill out prior to their appointment. Using OhMD forms to go paperless can save the practice up to $20 per form filed and eliminate manual paper filing tasks.

After a patient’s visit, the gynecologist can text the patient a PDF or photo attachment of their lab results and recommend treatment as necessary. If the provider or patient has any questions or concerns, the two can jump on a video call to discuss. Video visits allow them to have face-to-face communication and get all their questions answered without taking more than 15 minutes out of their day. The convenience of video chat enables gynecologists to see more patients in a day, minimizing the wait-time to get in for an appointment and maximizing patient satisfaction and acquisition.

Ob/Gyn offices can also use the broadcast tool to increase timely payment collection. Just as you would send appointment reminders, you can text outstanding bill reminders to multiple patients at once, including the amount due and the due date. Practices using OhMD have seen an increase in patient self-pay collections by 34%.

Here are some Ob/Gyn practices currently using OhMD:

fair oaks women's health
atlantic ob-gyn
ideal womens health specialists

To learn more about implementing OhMD as your patient communication platform, schedule a demo with an expert today!