OhMD integrates with 85+ EHR technologies


Improve patient conversations by enabling eClinicalWorks texting through OhMD. Reach patients and improve communication. Say goodbye to phone tag with patients, generate revenue, and improve care.

  • Create, update and sync patients from eClinicalWorks to OhMD
  • Securely communicate and have two-way SMS text message conversations with patients from the OhMD platform

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Simple patient text messaging for eClinicalWorks

OhMD offers an eClinicalWorks (eCW) integration that allows you to automatically pull your patient details from the EHR. Enable eClinicalWorks texting and have secure conversations with patients all through your practice phone number right in OhMD.

Solving patient communication one text at a time

How the eClinicalWorks texting integration works:

Start texting your eClinicalWorks patients by integrating with OhMD

Sync patients from eClinicalWorks to OhMD

eClinicalWorks users love OhMD for easy, effective patient communication. Creating a patient in eCW will automatically pull that patient and their demographic details into OhMD so you can begin communicating with them.

Your entire staff will be able to find, connect, or continue conversations with patients quickly, with details like patient ID, and MRN pulled right in.

OhMD makes it simple to communicate with your patients simplifying eClinicalWorks texting

Securely communicate with your eCW patients

Connect with patients via HIPAA compliant SMS text messaging, conduct video visits, even send electronic forms through OhMD’s suite of secure patient communication solutions.

Use all the communication channels your patients prefer with tools are built for your staff workflows.

When you're done with a patient chat, easily push the conversation back to eClinicalWorks in a click

Download your patient conversations for eCW

Logging in and out of various patient communication tools is over. You can do it all from OhMD.

Every digital communication touch point is documented in one place and you can download the entire chat as a PDF and upload it to patient’s record in eClinicalWorks as you see fit.

Texting your patients is easier than ever with OhMD

Put your focus on the patient relationship

Patients want to communicate with you. Simplify the conversation by integrating eClinicalWorks with OhMD.

See why over 50,000 healthcare organizations choose OhMD for HIPAA compliant texting.

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