Doctors and nurses who work in home health are always on the go, and they need to secure way to stay in touch and manage their schedule. OhMD helps care providers at home health agencies communicate with colleagues, schedulers and patients.

Why use OhMD?

  • Use just one secure application to communicate with patients, collaborate on care delivery, and stay in communication with the central office regarding scheduling and billing.
  • No training required!  If your staff know how to send text messages, they will have no problem using OhMD 🙂
  • Manage your user accounts remotely.
  • Patients can send images securely, so you can better monitor wound care and post-surgery recovery.
  • OhMD is free, so you can improve efficiency without additional cost to your business.

Manage staff resources

OhMD makes it super simple for you to manage your user accounts through our secure web dashboard.  You can suspend accounts with staff turnover, and add new team members.  OhMD will also help improve efficiency and staff satisfaction.  This allows you to attract and retain highly qualified staff, and less turnover means less time and resources spent on hiring and training.

Better collaboration among care providers

Sometimes you just don’t know what kind of situation you will run into in the field.  OhMD allows nurses to communicate about their patients and collaborate on patient care.  You aren’t alone in the field when you have your entire team accessible to you through HIPAA compliant texting.

OhMD is a free texting solution…what exactly does “free” mean?

Free means free.   There are no in app advertisements or limitations on the number of messages you can send with OhMD.   OhMD is available for download in the App Store or Google Play Store, so you can download the app get started today.

“OhMD makes it easier for me to stay on schedule.  My scheduling office can text me if a patient needs to reschedule or if something gets added to the schedule last minute.  If I’m with a patient, I don’t need to be interrupted to answer my phone because I can just check my texts.”

“I used to get nervous about texting my staff and with OhMD I know that I am not violating HIPAA rules and it makes it so much easier to communicate!”