Patient referral management is a critical aspect of healthcare practices, but it can be daunting. Healthcare providers face numerous issues, on top of an already heavy administrative burden that comes with running a practice. Finding tools that are both easy and effective for your organization is essential– and we’re here to help you make that decision.


Key takeaways from this post:

1. The crucial relationship between patient referral management and patient satisfaction
2. Important factors for implementing referral management software so that you can make an informed decision when choosing a solution for your practice
3. Benefits and features of using a referral management software

We will also introduce you to a solution – OhMD’s referral management tool – which can help streamline the referral process, automate tasks, and enhance collaboration among healthcare professionals.

We will also introduce you to a solution – OhMD’s referral management tool – which can help streamline the referral process, automate tasks, and enhance collaboration among healthcare professionals.

Understanding the Impact of Streamlined Referral Management

Efficient referral management workflow is vital to improving quality care and patient satisfaction. It requires clear communication between providers, streamlined processes, and real-time analytics. Not only do all of these factors need to be successful, but challenges like communication errors, delays, and administrative burden can slow or derail the referral management process.

There’s a lot that goes into making sure a referral makes it to the provider, and the patient has a successful appointment. How can we both simplify and better this experience?

Provider communicating with patient, an aspect of building a patient relationship and improving patient satisfaction.

Improved patient satisfaction and experience

Optimizing referral workflows can improve patient satisfaction by reducing wait times, enhancing access to specialized care and facilitating real-time communication between healthcare providers. One study found that switching to e-referrals shortened both patient wait times and time to make a referral. Positive patient experiences lead to better decision-making, quality care delivery and lower referral leakage. Automation reduces errors, saves time, and improves quality care.

Key Considerations for Implementing Referral Management Software

  • Evaluate customization options to meet regulatory compliance standards
  • Select software that integrates with your existing EHR system
  • Ensure excellent customer support resources.

Integration with existing systems and workflows

Efficient referral management should have seamless integration with EHRs, practice management systems, and patient communication tools. Customization and staff training are vital. Improved patient engagement and satisfaction, along with better decision-making analytics, lead to higher quality care.

Security and compliance considerations

Referral management software needs to comply with HIPAA regulations for secure patient data. Encryption, two-factor authentication, and regular audits prevent breaches.

For successful implementation of referral management software in healthcare organizations, effective training and onboarding of staff members are crucial. An optimized workflow that involves real-time inputting and tracking referrals leads to better patient engagement and quality care. Regular training sessions must be offered along with in-house training for better adoption of the referral workflow.

Introducing a Solution: Referral Management Software

Health organizations can efficiently manage patient referrals with streamlined workflow using referral management software. Patients benefit from providers leveraging communication tools like two-way texting or video visits. Real-time updates and analytics enhance patient engagement and improve quality care.

Two hands each holding a phone, an email being sent between them (visualized with a paper airplane), representing a type of software that can be used for patient referral management.

Benefits of referral management software

By automating manual processes and providing real-time tracking of patient referrals, referral management software enables healthcare providers to improve patient engagement and provide quality care. The integration with electronic health records grants easy access to patient conversations.

How OhMD automates and simplifies the referral process

Imagine this: you call another practice and leave a quick voicemail to refer a patient with details like name, date of birth, mobile phone number and reason for referral. Within minutes, that data is loaded into an open conversation with the patient for ease of access, and an introductory text is sent to the patient inviting them to schedule. Multiple phone calls were eliminated, and the process to get the patient into an appointment has already started.

By implementing OhMD’s referral management software, healthcare organizations can streamline the referral workflow and reduce manual processes such as faxing or calling. Referral management software ensures timely completion of patient referrals, improving patient engagement and quality care decision-making.


When it comes to administrative tools, you need one that works for you, not one that makes you do unnecessary work.

Automation is just one of the ways to simplify the referral management process for you, and the easier it is for you, the easier it is for your patients.

The current referral processes face significant challenges such as long wait times, miscommunication, and delays in treatment. However, with streamlined referral management, practices can improve patient satisfaction and experience, enhance communication among healthcare providers, and reduce wait times. Referral management software automates and simplifies this, making it easier for healthcare staff to manage referrals efficiently. Healthcare practices should consider implementing this software to improve their referral process.

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