A medical answering service can drastically change the way your practice interacts with patients. Redirect valuable labor hours once wasted trying to get in touch with patients toward the thing that really matters—improving health outcomes.

Why you need a medical answering service

The most important component of healthcare is providing patients with the best treatment possible. Only recently have medical answering services entered the healthcare industry but providers are already feeling their effects. Patients can now communicate with their provider and get immediate feedback regarding their situation. Additionally, preventive care is easier than ever before. Providers can check on patients with a quick message, ensuring patients honor appointments for screening tests, physicals, and other preventive visits that keep them healthy and out of the emergency room.

Medical answering services allow healthcare organizations to quickly and efficiently remind patients of upcoming appointments via a broadcast system. Save your practice valuable time and thousands of dollars each month with quick payment reminders. Increase payment collection by 80% or more, just by sending a quick message.

Components of a medical answering service

  • Direct access to patients: Hear from your patients as soon as they contact you. Efficiently schedule patients knowing the urgency of their situation to ensure the proper treatment of emergencies.
  • Message Security: Communicate with colleagues and patients with ease of mind knowing your messages and files are encrypted and secured.
  • Automated Broadcast System: Message individual patients with customized texts, or broadcast to many patients at once updating them of a change in your practice.

HIPAA compliance

With the ability to communicate and share information at the tap of a finger, it is not uncommon for healthcare providers to share health information via insecure messaging platforms.

Although seemingly innocent, this simple action can cost your practice up to $50,000 per incident. Today’s standards for sharing protected health information require providers to use a platform that is HIPAA compliant, unlike iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook, or email.

A reliable medical answering service is HIPAA compliant so you don’t have to worry about these unnecessary fines. Simply read and respond to messages without worrying about anything but your patient’s health.

OhMD and your practice

OhMD offers a secure medical answering service that will take your practice to the next level. With features like two-way messaging, a file delivery system, a broadcast system, and a live website chat, patients will be more connected than ever before. Better yet, efficiency throughout your entire organization will skyrocket as slow communication becomes a thing of the past.

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