The healthcare industry recently surpassed manufacturing and retail to become the largest employer in the United States. This massive increase in healthcare jobs brings thousands of administrative job openings each year. With this influx comes an unprecedented need for efficient communication and secure transactions of patient healthcare records. To maximize efficiency and protect patient privacy, healthcare organizations need to implement a HIPAA compliant instant messaging software.

Five reasons why your practice needs to add HIPAA compliant instant messaging:

Improved Response Time

Faster communication is crucial in providing better patient care. The ability to quickly send HIPAA compliant instant messages between office staff, providers, and even pharmacies improves care team coordination. Communication around treatment plans is streamlined, allowing quicker treatment and saving time for both providers and patients. Delivered and read receipts eliminate the need for follow-up questions and allow providers to focus on the next patient.

Enhanced Security

Healthcare organizations that do not have any regulation regarding communication of protected health information may face fines of up to $50,000 per incident. To reduce the risk of receiving a penalty, hospitals use a HIPAA compliant instant messaging software with enhanced data encryption to ensure only authorized users have access to private healthcare information.

Boost Bottom Line

Each month, providers lose thousands of dollars to patient no-shows and unpaid medical bills. In 2016, 63% of hospital bills were $500 or less and 68% of those bills were not paid in full. HIPAA compliant instant messaging software allows providers to decrease patient no-shows, remind patients of unpaid bills, and improve the speed of care to see more patients every day.

Efficient Workflow

Hospital administrators and providers can communicate more efficiently through a well-developed HIPAA compliant instant messaging software. This system allows the staff to effectively coordinate care for each patient to ensure hospitals provide the best possible treatment. Information such as X-Rays, treatment schedules, follow-up appointments, prescriptions, and clinical notes can be shared seamlessly between all authorized users.

Ease of Use

For the majority of healthcare workers, smartphones already play a significant role in their daily communication. Connecting providers, staff, and patients through an instant messaging application allows all parties to communicate in a comfortable environment without needing to worry about security issues. Connecting teams can be as simple as downloading an application and setting up an account. With a minimal learning curve for providers and patients, HIPAA compliant instant messaging applications are essential for discussing protected health information.

What OhMD offers:

Through OhMD, providers are able to communicate with patients, colleagues, and pharmacies in ways that are easier than ever before. Two-way text messaging for excellent team communication and patient communication. A live website chat allows patients to get in touch with healthcare organizations and get a response in a matter of seconds. Video calling in real time as a communication tool for your patients. Instant message or use texting for colleague to colleague messaging and team communication. Our state-of-the-art encryption ensures patient data is secure at all times, preventing unwanted access to any private health records. Broadcast messages to many patients at one time, or send individual reminders to specific users; increase attendance and punctuality while boosting revenue.

To learn more about how your healthcare organization can benefit from OhMD’s HIPAA compliant instant messaging platform, schedule a demo today.