A HIPAA compliant medical answering service is the answer to overwhelming numbers of patient phone calls. OhMD’s Virtual Phone Assistant will allow you to manage call volume with a more convenient workflow.

How does an automated medical answering service work?

When a patient calls your practice, you can give them options to get in touch with you.

  1. Press a key to hang up and get an automated text back from your practice
  2. Leave a voicemail, allowing staff to play back the recording or read the automated transcript in OhMD
  3. Stay on the line and wait to speak with someone from your organization

Giving patients these options will allow you to save your staff time and accommodate patient communication needs. OhMD’s Virtual Phone Assistant also makes transitioning patient voicemails into their EHR effortless.

Why use a HIPAA compliant medical answering service?

When you have the right HIPAA compliant medical answering service, like OhMD Virtual Phone Assistant, you can save time and be more efficient in your work assisting patients. A recent study showed that care team members spent less time on phone calls when using an automated medical answering service. They were better able to care for their patients and were more satisfied with their job.

Here are a couple of reasons you may be interested in an answering service:

  • OhMD Virtual Phone Assistant allows a patient to choose their preferred method of communication.
  • Using OhMD as a HIPAA compliant medical answering service will allow you to save precious time. An automated medical answering service will eliminate phone tag and the need to manually transcribe voicemails.
  • Using Visual Voicemail, you will be able to listen to and read patient voicemails without picking up a phone. You can respond directly to patient voicemails via text in their OhMD message chain.
  • Voicemail transcription will come into OhMD already associated with existing patient names, or as Anonymous until you merge the message with the correct patient. This will allow you to see precisely who left the voicemail, without having to listen to and categorize all the office voicemails by patient.
  • This feature also allows for easier transition of voicemails from OhMD to your EHR. You will no longer need to transcribe patient messages by hand. Instead, OhMD Virtual Phone Assistant will do this for you.

Using an answering service at your practice

Let’s consider a couple of examples of when an automated answering service could come in handy.

  1. A patient calls in looking to get a prescription refill. When they call in, they are given the option to press 1 to hang up and receive a text from you. You have now successfully bypassed a real-time phone call and have a text in its place. Administrative staff can respond to the text when they have the time, or use an automated flow like OhMD Autopilot to connect with them and the patient will be satisfied.
  2. A concerned parent calls in and decides to leave a message rather than send a text. They are able to list their child’s symptoms and the Virtual Phone Assistant will transcribe their message for you to read in their chat in OhMD. You can then respond back to them via text if you choose.
  3. An elderly gentleman calls in and would like to speak to a nurse about starting a new medication. He opts to stay on the line and wait until someone is available to speak to him.

Who can use the Virtual Phone Assistant feature?

The Virtual Phone Assistant feature is only available to OhMD clients who have a number that has been purchased and provisioned by OhMD. If you are interested in this feature but your OhMD texting capabilities are set up through your pre-existing office number, email us by clicking the button below or write in to our support chat to discuss how to make this option available to you.

See how simple patient communication can be with two weeks of free HIPAA compliant texting and all the other OhMD tools!