Meet Vermonter Ethan Bechtel, internet entrepreneur since 2000 and founder of healthcare text messaging platform OhMD.

Hello Ethan! Thanks for chatting with AllYouCanTech. Can you please introduce your company to our audience?
OhMD makes healthcare communication simple. We believe that improved communication improves patient outcomes while making physicians and healthcare providers more efficient and better at what they do.

The OhMD app on iOS, Android, and Web is free, and enables doctors to text message with each other in a secure/encrypted way. It also allows patients to text message with their practices with that same level of security. Regulations like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) require software solutions to adhere to a certain set of guidelines to protect patient privacy, so OhMD was designed to be easiest to use HIPAA compliant texting app for healthcare.

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