Prepare patients for video visits

OhMD built the video visit tool to be user-friendly for patients and providers, but a lot of patients are new to telehealth and need some help getting started. Below are some simple ways to prepare patients for video visits.

Prepare Patients with a Pre-Video Visit Saved Reply

One way to help prepare a patient is to send them a saved reply prior to their telehealth visit with a short list of steps. Providers can include this information in their appointment confirmation saved reply or send it separately. The saved reply might sound something like this:

“Hello {patient name}, this is {name} from {practice name}. I’m writing to confirm your telehealth appointment at 2:00pm on Thursday, June 4. When the doctor is ready, you will receive a text message with a link to the video visit. Tap the link and the video will automatically open in your phone’s web browser. If it is your first video visit, you will be prompted to “allow camera permissions”. Tap “yes/allow”. Your video call should then start. If you have any issues opening the video chat, reply directly to the text we sent you.”

On the Patient End – How to Do A Video Visit With Your Doctor

Sometimes patients have a hard time allowing camera permissions if their phone is set to “Deny” camera permissions rather than “Ask”, although most phones default to “Ask”. Making sure patients have allowed camera permissions prior to your visit is arguably the best way to prepare them. Here is what manually allowing camera and microphone permissions looks like on the patient’s end:

Allow Camera + Microphone Permissions on iPhone

Settings > Safari > Camera > Allow

Settings > Safari >Microphone > Allow

Please note: You must allow BOTH camera and microphone permissions to access a video visit.

Allow camera and microphone permissions on iPhone

Allow Camera + Microphone Permissions on Android

Settings > Apps > Chrome > Permissions > Switch Camera + Microphone on

Please note: You must allow BOTH camera and microphone permissions to access a video visit.

Allow Camera and microphone permissions on Android

Connecting with patients and providers can be simplified due to advances in technology. Now, thanks to video calls, patients can see their doctors without leaving their home. When preparing for a virtual visit, it’s important to be aware of your visit time and length, as well as your most pressing health concerns. Confirming your internet connection and permissions ahead of time will ensure a smooth visit, focused on patient care.

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