In gastroenterology, to provide the best possible care, clinicians need to be able to connect with their patients regularly before and after treatment. They need a reliable way to stay in touch with patients as well as their colleagues. With OhMD, gastroenterology specialists can use two-way SMS texting to contact patients and peers allowing them to deliver the best possible care the way the patient needs it. There are a wide array of patient’s gastroenterology needs and having the ability to have two way communication with their clinician provides opportunity to build relationships and trust.

OhMD texting allows clinicians to field questions from potential patients, give preparatory guidance for gastroenterology patients, and also post visit follow up and necessary recall screening efforts. Most patients who undergo gastroenterology screenings fall into the age range of 50 to 75 years old. We know there is a (false) assumption that seniors don’t have cell phones. But actually, according to the Pew Research Center, 91% of people ages 64+ own a cell phone. And the AARP says 9/10 seniors who use cell phones do so to stay connected to others.

We know that coordination is key in delivering the highest quality gastroenterology care. With OhMD’s colleague messaging tool, gastroenterologists and their associated clinicians and staff can use the OhMD mobile app to stay connected and in seamless communication with each other. This ensures that every clinician has the ability to understand what other procedures or screenings the patient either has completed or has coming up.

Since the start of COVID-19, gastroenterologists, like all other clinicians, have had to limit their exposure with patients. With OhMD, instead of an in-person visit in the facility, clinicians can conduct video visits to do visits that do not require in-person engagement, preparatory instruction, or post visit and recall check ins. If the patient is on the computer, the video visit can also be launched through web chat. So, if a patient doesn’t have a cell phone, they can still get connected and get the care and comfort they need from their doctor. This allows communities with lower access to broadband, like low income and rural families, to more easily access telehealth options.

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