Dermatologists differ from general practitioners in that they conduct both medical and cosmetic procedures and generally charge on a fee-per-service basis. That said, dermatologists need a dependable way to generate lead flow and revenue.

With OhMD live web chat, prospective clients have a way to ask questions and schedule consultations through your website. Their messages come into OhMD where staff can manage them in a matter of minutes. Using OhMD live web chat can increase new patient acquisition from your website by 65%. Asynchronous live chat allows front desk staff to get more consultations on the calendar than they ever could playing phone tag. Plus, your team will save on average 2.9 hours per staff member per day by switching from generic phone calling to OhMD.

Dermatology is all about being able to see your patients to diagnose them. With OhMD’s HIPAA compliant two-way texting, patients can send you photos of their skin before coming in for an appointment. If your patient is worried about a mole on their arm, for example, they can securely text a photo to see if it’s cause for concern. This lets you assess whether an in-person visit is necessary, saving both you and the patient time.

If they need to visit, patients can schedule appointments by text. They text your office when they’ve arrived the day of and the front desk responds when they should come in. This parking lot waiting room concept not only ensures social distancing, but helps prevent your practice from falling behind schedule and allows patients to wait in their own space.

In dermatology, some procedures are medical and some cosmetic. For cosmetic procedures, dermatology practices need a tool to market to their patients. OhMD allows you to market to your patients via text in a way that is relevant, not spammy.

Online reviews are the #1 resource patients use to select a provider. To boost your online reputation, you can use OhMD to ask patients for reviews without being pushy. We suggest sending a follow-up text to see how the procedure went and how the patient is feeling. If they have positive feedback, text them the link to your review page and ask if they’d consider sharing their experience.

Here are some other dermatology practices currently using OhMD:

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To learn more about implementing OhMD as your dermatology practice’s communication platform, schedule a demo with an expert today!