OhMD fosters an ease of communication between cardiologists, colleagues and their patients that they haven’t always had. Let me fill you in on which tools cardiologists on OhMD have found helpful in streamlining their workflow and improving patient care.

Two-way patient texting with OhMD satisfies both the patient and cardiologist’s desire for faster, simpler, more direct communication. This asynchronous method of conversation allows providers to delegate patients to specific care teams based on their needs. This frees up the provider’s time while addressing patient concerns instantaneously. Cardiology patients appreciate the ease of texting and no longer having to wade through phone trees or wait days for a response to EMR messages. Their texts come into one dashboard so they are easy to manage on the provider and staff’s end.

Providers can also share test results with patients by sending them image files or links to labs. The benefits of this feature are boundless. Patients no longer have to visit the office just to get their results, saving them time and money spent on co-pays. Like many specialists, cardiologists are often booked out for weeks if not months. The ability to share results with patients through text allows novel time in the schedule to see new patients, increasing practice revenue. It’s a win-win for patient satisfaction and practice growth.

OhMD can help to lessen patient anxiety around access to their cardiologist. Patients can report results from prescribed blood pressure monitors and other remote patient monitoring devices via text back to their cardiology team. Since they can message their provider directly, patients gain the freedom to leave home without worrying they won’t be able to get in touch.

OhMD also simplifies the referral process with eForms. Your staff can text patients a link to the forms they need to fill out before their appointment. The patient taps the link, fills and submits the forms on their phone, and you and your staff can access the forms electronically. You can also post fillable referral forms on your website for referring physicians to submit electronically. No more dealing with fax.

Here are some of the cardiology practices currently using OhMD:

OhMD cardiology
OhMD cardiology
OhMD cardiology

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