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Use OhMD on-the-go to communicate with colleagues and patients. Send messages, photos, and files, all from your mobile device. The OhMD apps are completely free, but if you want your entire practice on OhMD to save hours each day by replacing patient calls with text messages, schedule a free demo with our team.

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My goal as a clinician is to improve the patient experience. OhMD is the best tool for making it really easy for me to communicate with my patients and my own physician or physician’s office. Just text your questions and get a quick answer. Saves a lot of my time and yours allows you to get better care faster. Now, I can’t imagine not having it as much as I can’t imagine not having a cell phone.


Patients love it!

Patients love it! Our staff loves it! It’s quick, accessible and everything flows effortlessly. The difference in the time spent answering a quick text versus taking a phone call is quite amazing. I highly recommend.