State of Vermont and VITL partner with OhMD to offer secure texting service to Vermont doctors

Burlington, VT – Vermont Information Technology Leaders, Inc. (VITL) and OhMD announce a partnership that will bring a secure, HIPAA secure texting service to Vermont health care providers and their patients. Smartphone use is nearly universal, so secure texting in health care makes sense as a fast and easy communication option, and offers patients more opportunities […]

Starbucks Medicine and the Patient Experience

There are some rituals we covet.  For many of us, our morning coffee is among them.  For most of us, our annual physical is not. Apart from feeding our caffeine addiction, visiting a coffee shop is a pleasurable experience.  It provides us with time out from the busy day to take care of ourselves, without […]

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Texting for Care Coordination

Roughly 85% of healthcare spending currently goes toward the treatment of patients with chronic conditions, and two thirds of all Medicare dollars spent are on those with 5 or more chronic disease states.  For chronically ill patients, effective care coordination is essential to producing positive outcomes and reducing costs.  An mHealth Intelligence article published in […]

The Free Healthcare App Making Waves

OhMD is a new healthcare app revolutionizing communication in healthcare for free. Until now, conversations between physicians and their teams were relegated to slow and inefficient channels. A telephone call often turned into a voicemail, which often turned into a game of phone tag that would ultimately waste valuable time every day. While texting has […]

The Value of Secure Texting in Medication Adherence

In February of this year JAMA published a study showing that texting doubles the odds of medication adherence, improving rates by 50-67%. The study showed that almost 75% of adults are non-adherent to their medication orders in one or more ways, costing the healthcare industry $300 billion annually.  Reasons for non-adherence range and include health […]

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and OhMD partner to study texting for cancer care

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, one of the top cancer hospitals in the world, recently partnered with OhMD to study the impact of texting with patients for cancer care. The agreement between the two companies allowed Memorial Sloan Kettering to validate the use of texting for patients to communicate with their physicians and care teams. The study […]

OhMD Graduates from Blueprint Health Accelerator in NYC

New York, NY – September 22, 2014 – OhMD has announced their completion of the Blueprint Health Accelerator program in New York City, which selected seven early-stage companies out of over 300 submissions to participate in the program. OhMD is a mobile and web-based app that allows patients to securely text message with their doctors […]