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We’ve made communication simple with a HIPAA compliant texting app that changes the patient experience. Check it out!

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OMG – texting with patients

OhMD and one of our physician users, Dr. Julio Bracero-Rodriguez, was recently featured in an article in athenainsight about texting with patients! Check it out here: https://insight.athenahealth.com/omg-%E2%80%94-text-doctor

Co-founder, Ethan Bechtel’s, goal for OhMD Texting for Doctors

Founder and CEO of OhMD, Ethan Bechtel, wants to protect healthcare from HIPAA violations for free. In this day and age texting and other alternatives to phone calling are ideal for the average person in America. Many people outside of the healthcare field don’t know or understand that they cannot communicate with their doctors over […]

OhMD Closes $1.2M Seed Funding Round

We’re excited to announce our recent round of funding! Eideard Venture Capital led the seed round. The company and its affiliated entities are also investors in Marathon Health. The Eideard Group represents, among others, the families of the founding members of IDX Systems Corp., a patient records and medical billing software company acquired in 2005 for […]

HIPAA compliant

HIPAA Compliant Email

The HIPAA history Why is HIPAA compliant email even a thing? HIPAA. It comes up in healthcare in literally every other conversation. We all triple check to make sure we didn’t spell it wrong in our outgoing emails. If someone were to notice, we would immediately lose credibility points among peers. On the other side, it’s not […]

Texting Alternative Facts

Alternative Facts in Healthcare

With all this talk of “alternative facts”, we thought it might be fun to list the alternative facts we’ve heard around texting in healthcare. 3 Alternative Facts about Texting Alternative Fact #1: “Texting is impersonal” This statement came from a physician who didn’t believe patients wanted to be able to text with their doctors and practices. In fact, she was […]

Dead Tree

Patient Portal is Dead

In theory, the patient portal is a beautiful thing. A place I can go to get all of my health data and communicate with my doctor. Any bit of health information I could ever want is there, catalogued for me within a carefully crafted user experience that keeps me informed and healthy. This great new […]

Doctors frustrated with healthcare and physician burnout

Physician Burnout in 2017

Physician Burnout On The Rise Physicians today are consistently being asked to do more with less. Increasing RVU demands mean less time with patients and more time outside of clinic hours finishing notes and following up on patient phone calls. I’ve spoken with physicians who spend in excess of 3 hours on administrative work AFTER […]

Girl typing HIPAA Secure Email

The thing about secure email

Disappointment.  Anger.  Frustration.  Betrayal. A wave of emotion rushes over me every time I open my inbox and see a secure email sitting there, staring me in the face. I take a deep breath and try to channel compassion and kindness for whomever sent the dreaded message — I know they were trying to do […]

OhMD and Me: Physician says Erysipelas

Written by Kate McIntosh, M.D. The following story is based on a real-life patient situation I have encountered with names and some clinical details modified: Rebecca is 6 years old.  She has been healthy, except for her mild asthma, which hasn’t been bothering her. She woke up with a rash on her arm which was a […]

The Risks of SMS Texting in Healthcare

Texting and HIPAA Violations A recent survey indicates that over 73% of physicians use text messages to communicate with their staff or referring providers regarding patient care, and many doctors have also adopted the practice of texting directly with patients.  Often texting is the easiest, quickest form of communication for busy physicians, but SMS texting is […]

Text Messages > Voice Messages

There is no question that text messages are the preferred form of communication for the majority of the adult population in the US (and globally).  As healthcare begins its shift toward a more consumer-centric paradigm, providers and organizations must find a secure way to meet patients where they are: on their phones. Let’s start by looking […]