Zipwhip alternatives specifically built for HIPAA compliant healthcare communication are hard to find. Need a replacement for Zipwhip soon? We’re here for you.

Landline texting; the ability for physicians and care teams to send outgoing and receive incoming text messages on their existing landline phone number, has become a critical tool in modern patient communication. In a Zipwhip vs OhMD comparison, text to landline is what the two communication platforms have in common. The Zipwhip platform is shutting down at the end of 2022. OhMD should be on your short-list of tools to consider for text messaging and we’ll show you why.

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Zipwhip works primarily with small businesses to convert landline phone numbers to text message enabled numbers so a customer can text the business instead of having to call, email, or visit in person. It also means the business can text customers about the service or product they’re providing or answer customer questions. Businesses on Zipwhip access the platform through the desktop app, mobile app, or browser extension.

Zipwhip’s Texting for Business tool is not built for healthcare professionals. While HIPAA compliant, it was built for small business texting more broadly. This is one of the main differentiating factors in Zipwhip vs OhMD and why many healthcare organizations look to OhMD as a Zipwhip alternative. Zipwhip is shutting down permanently on December 1, 2022. If you are a Zipwhip customer, it’s time to start looking for Zipwhip alternatives. OhMD makes this process seamless and is an attractive option as a replacement for SMS marketing and messaging.

ohmd vs zipwhip text to landline

OhMD, as a healthcare-first solution is based on offering HIPAA compliant two-way texting, but we go beyond patient texting to offer an all-in-one healthcare platform. Often healthcare providers looking for a Zipwhip alternative come to us that are using one service like Zipwhip for patient messaging or texting, one for patient forms, another for colleague messaging, and another yet for telehealth. In the OhMD vs Zipwhip comparison, this is a point of contrast. At OhMD we want to simplify communication (from text messages to telehealth to reputation management) for providers and their patients. That’s why we’ve built our platform to encompass all of the tools needed in a clinical workflow and we allow your patients to text you through your main number. We make the most sense as a Zipwhip alternative and the best replacement for Zipwhip option of the SMS messaging tools you’ll find on the market.

Bottom Line: OhMD Is The Best Zipwhip Alternative

On top of patient texting, OhMD On top of patient text messaging, OhMD offers tools that advance the healthcare customer experience including colleague messaging, automated messaging workflows for things like appointment scheduling, patient check-in, and prescription refills, broadcast texting with personalized messages, patient calling, video visits, eForms, live web chat, and EHR integration. We are the most flexible solution for driving customer engagement and adapting the platform to your practice’s unique needs. This makes OhMD the right choice when you’re looking for a replacement for Zipwhip.

With OhMD as your replacement for Zipwhip, check out what a patient’s journey might look like

OhMD is a communication solution for healthcare. That matters when considering it as a Zipwhip alternative.

Appointment reminders

We know how important it is for healthcare organizations to decrease no-shows to appointments. No-shows can hurt, not just from a patient outcomes perspective but also in how it can impact your practice’s bottom line. This is why we have built bulk SMS features that give you an easy way to send customizable appointment reminders to groups of patients at once. There are many other use cases for this type of mass texting functionality as well, from alerts about vaccines and even marketing campaigns that drive word-of-mouth.

For short-staffed and overworked care teams, this also cuts down on the need for patient phone calls. With OhMD you’ll be able to connect one-to-one with patients while still having the capability to send bulk SMS. Many mass texting solutions are not built to allow this kind of granular communication.

Your Zipwhip alternative allows reminder SMS text messaging. For example, Jamie receives an appointment reminder 48 hours in advance with the forms needed to expedite the intake process. She can complete those right from her phone.

OhMD simplifies the patient experience. When it comes to pre-visit communication, we put ourselves in the

Electronic forms delivered via SMS

OhMD simplifies the patient experience. When it comes to pre-visit communication, we put ourselves in the patient’s shoes. We obsessed about how to optimize the experience and the customer service components of healthcare. One thing we always hated about going to the doctor? Sitting in the waiting room and filling out intake forms.

With OhMD’s electronic forms you can attach a forms link right to your appointment reminder text message that you sent out using bulk SMS. The patient can get going on their intake information while they’re sitting on their couch at home with a single tap on the message link from their mobile phone. It’s just a better experience (especially now when people are more cautious about being in close proximity to others). When looking for a Zipwhip alternative it’s important to consider how you can increase patient satisfaction. This is what OhMD was built to do while allowing you to send bulk SMS messages the way you did as a Zipwhip customer.

Parking lot check-in and automated texting workflows

We’ve found ways that practices can eliminate the waiting room all together. With text communication and automation through the OhMD Autopilot feature, you can easily allow people to check in from the parking lot and have them come into the office only when your team is ready for them. Your patients will love this type of customer service.

Comparing OhMD vs Zipwhip consider that OhMD is built for healthcare organizations so the patient can check in via text message from the parking lot

With OhMD, simply texting a keyword to your landline can kick off a communication workflow that gathers necessary patient information. If the patient has questions during check-in you can jump in and answer them.

Video visits

In healthcare today, flexibility and convenience is key! Patients want the same experience in their care journey that they have in their other consumer experiences. If given the option, patients will choose the more convenient method for visits depending on their need. With OhMD you can allow patients the ability to do a video visit in a single tap on a link in a text message.

Your replacement for Zipwhip, OhMD can allow the patient and medical provider to easily jump on a video call for appointments and simple questions

With OhMD, there are no portals to log into. There are no apps to download. Just simple, secure video visits and another reason why OhMD is the best Zipwhip alternative for healthcare organizations.

Reputation management and review generation

Many Zipwhip alternatives are business text messaging solutions. They aren’t built for healthcare and don’t take into account one simple thing: the patient experience doesn’t end when when patients leave your office. To build strong, long-lasting relationships, patient communication needs to extend between visits (in-person or telehealth).

Word-of-mouth is incredibly important. To reference the consumer world, your organization, while focused on the highest quality health outcomes should also consider that you are in the business of creating brand fans. To put it in business terms, you want your existing customers to talk about you!

OhMD makes follow up and reputation management through review requests simple and seamless

Getting people to speak positively about their experience is critical. Why not give them the reputation management and review request tools to do this easily? This is another reason that as you look for a replacement for Zipwhip, OhMD should be at the top of your list.

The thing you should consider when looking for a Zipwhip alternative is the intended use of the platforms. Are you considering a tool that was made for small businesses and retrofit into healthcare, or are you looking for a Zipwhip alternative that was built with healthcare providers in mind that offers a breadth of tools needed for effective healthcare communication (and oh, by the way, is ranked #1 on G2 for customer support)? To learn more about implementing OhMD a Zipwhip alternative and your comprehensive patient and team communication platform, check out our special offer for Zipwhip users and schedule time to talk with an expert today!