If you’re a pain management physician, you’re always searching for ways to reach new patients and streamline the patient onboarding process. Many of your patients are referrals, but you can’t depend on referrals alone to propel your practice forward. That’s because 88% of patients will read online reviews about a provider even after they’ve been referred to them. Plus, patients rely on online resources nearly 2x more than they do word-of-mouth referrals, so it’s important your online presence is up to snuff and can impress both prospective and referred patients. 

OhMD can help to improve your online reviews through reputation management and give your prospective patients a simple way to get in touch. With online reputation management features, your practice can start to generate more positive reviews to draw in more new patients. The process is very simple: OhMD provides you with a unique link to send to your patients post-appointment using HIPAA compliant patient texting which lets them leave a review on the site of their choice including Google, Facebook, and others. The simple step of asking your patients for reviews through a streamlined link is going to boost your online reputation and help to capture the attention of prospective patients. Since 55% of patients want to see at least a 4-star rating for their provider, focusing on your online reputation is crucial to patient acquisition.

Once you have their attention, patients in search of a pain management physician want a simple way to get in touch with you. With our live webchat tool, prospective and referred patients can contact the office without having to call. They write into the chat from your website and the messages come straight into the OhMD platform for your staff to respond to efficiently. In just a couple minutes, you can get multiple new patient consultations on the calendar. Using OhMD live webchat can increase new patient acquisition from your website by 65%. To see how our webchat tool gets embedded on your website, check out some of our current webchat users’ sites here or here

With a new patient consultation on the calendar, it’s time to gather their forms. The onboarding process for pain management patients is extensive and requires many forms including contact info, treatment and medical history, consent forms, payment forms, etc. With OhMD Forms, you can create an electronic “packet” of the required forms to keep them neatly together. Then, just send a link to the packet to your new patients by text for them to fill out ahead of time.

Here are some pain management centers currently using OhMD:

champlain spine and pain management
nashville pain center
integrated spine & joint institute
texas wellness and pain center

To learn more about implementing OhMD as your patient communication platform, schedule a demo with an expert today