Two-Way HIPAA-Compliant Text Messaging Enhances Healthie’s API-First EHR, Scheduling, and Engagement Solution

BURLINGTON, VT, June 10, 2024 – OhMD, a leading patient communication platform, today announced its entry into the Healthie Harbor app marketplace. The integration allows healthcare providers to streamline operations and improve patient experiences by leveraging OhMD’s conversational patient communication software with Healthie’s comprehensive EHR system.

OhMD specializes in HIPAA-compliant two-way text messaging, providing healthcare providers with the ability to enhance the patient experience through conversation while reducing the time spent on administrative tasks. This Healthie integration is beneficial for both providers and patients as healthcare practices can now experience seamless communication without added manual data entry into the patient record. 

How it works:

  • Patients registered in Healthie Enterprise or Group will seamlessly populate into OhMD, including their demographic information.
  • In OhMD, engage in two-way conversations with patients via SMS text messaging from the practice’s phone number with the ability to collect information through electronic forms, launch video visits, and more through OhMD’s consolidated suite of secure, HIPAA-compliant patient communication tools.
  • Document every digital communication touchpoint and effortlessly push it all back to the patient’s record in Healthie as a PDF with the press of a button ensuring data and context are never lost between conversations.

Ethan Bechtel, Co-founder and CEO of OhMD, said, “OhMD’s marketplace partnership with Healthie will improve patient communication for millions of patients. By integrating OhMD’s patient communication platform into Healthie, providers everywhere will be able to dramatically reduce administrative burden by cutting patient call volume in half. We’re thrilled to work with Healthie to improve the patient experience through more collaborative patient conversations.”  

This integration comes at an opportune time for Healthie users as patients increasingly turn to digital communication channels like text messaging.

“We are excited to welcome OhMD to Healthie’s Harbor and bring their HIPAA-compliant text messaging capabilities to our Healthie customers,” said Erica Jain, CEO of Healthie. “This integration enhances our commitment to providing seamless, virtual-first collaborative care. OhMD’s innovative patient communication tools aim to empower healthcare providers to deliver more efficient and personalized care. This partnership makes healthcare more accessible to patients, representing a step towards a future where patient-centric care is our top priority.”

To mark this milestone, OhMD is offering Healthie clients a 10% discount on subscriptions for the first year. This limited-time promotion will be available until July 31, 2024.

About OhMD

OhMD is a leading healthcare communication platform specializing in HIPAA-compliant two-way text messaging and automated conversations to streamline operations and improve patient outcomes. Learn more at

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