If you’re in orthopedics, you’re always searching for ways to reach new patients and streamline the patient onboarding process. OhMD makes it easy.

We start by improving your online visibility and contactability. With our live web chat tool, prospective or referred patients can contact the office without having to call. They write into the chat from your website and the messages come straight into the OhMD platform for your staff to respond to efficiently. In just a couple minutes, you can get multiple new patient consultations on the calendar. Using OhMD live web chat can increase new patient acquisition from your website by 65%.

OhMD also makes it easy for you to communicate with the referring physician. It takes less than a minute for a provider to sign up for the OhMD app, and allows them an ease of communication with external providers they’ve likely never experienced before. If you have questions for a referred patient’s GP, for example, you can send them a colleague chat in OhMD to ensure your messages are secure. Use this same colleague chat function to streamline communication with your own team with direct and group chats.

In a referral-driven practice where your patients aren’t “regulars”, it can be difficult to gather patient forms. With OhMD, your staff can use two-way SMS texting to confirm information with patients. With OhMD’s eForms tool, they can text patients a link to the intake forms they need to fill out before their consultation. The patient taps the link, fills and submits the forms on their phone, and you and your staff can access the forms electronically. With eForms you can go paperless and save $20 per form filed.

Orthopedists often have important pre and post-op instructions for patients. Now you can use OhMD to text this information to patients as PDF and image attachments to avoid typing out long messages. When patients have these instructions saved in their text messages, they can easily look back and reference them, as opposed to printed or spoken instructions which get easily lost or forgotten.

Here are some orthopedic practices currently using OhMD:

springfield orthopaedic
peachtree orthopedics
centers for neurosurgery spine & orthopedics
miya & torchinsky san diego ear nose throat ENT

To learn more about implementing OhMD as your patient communication platform, schedule a demo with an expert today!