When it comes to homecare, caregivers and nurses are always on the go. They need a reliable way to stay in touch with patients, colleagues, and their main office. With OhMD, homecare specialists can use two-way SMS texting to contact patients and peers throughout the day. Patient’s homecare needs are so vast that they might text about anything from medication refills to groceries. Some of it is clinical, much of it is companionship-based.

OhMD texting allows patients to reach out when their caregiver is away, make adjustments in visit timing and keep them posted on their day-to-day health. We know a lot of homecare patients are seniors and there’s a (false) assumption that seniors don’t have cell phones. But actually, according to the Pew Research Center, 91% of people ages 64+ own a cell phone. And the AARP says 9/10 seniors who use cell phones do so to stay connected to others.

There is a lot of coordination involved in the homecare specialty, considering multiple caregivers and nurses are visiting multiple patients a day in different locations. With OhMD’s colleague messaging tool, homecare providers can use the OhMD mobile app to stay connected to each other and their schedulers. This ensures that every patient visit is planned and executed by the right member of the team.

Since the start of COVID-19, caregivers have had to limit the exposure their at-risk patients have with other people. With OhMD, instead of a home visit, caretakers can conduct video visits to check in on their patients. For patients on the computer, video visits can now be launched through web chat, too! That means if a patient doesn’t have a cell phone, they can still get connected. This functionality permits underserved communities like low income and rural families better access to telehealth.

To learn more about implementing OhMD as your homecare communication platform, schedule a demo with an expert today!