When it comes to fertility therapy, each patient undergoes a unique and intimate process. Successful fertility clinics have to be able to cater to each patient’s needs and provide a personalized experience from start to finish.

With OhMD, the process starts when prospective patients write in to the clinic’s website chat. Their inquiries come into the OhMD platform where administrative staff can field questions and put them in touch with the right clinician instantaneously. Fertility patients do a lot of research to find the best clinic. When their first inquiry is met with prompt and attentive communication, it gives the clinic an edge over its competitors. With live web chat, staff no longer have to play phone tag. The asynchronous communication helps them stay on top of inquiries as they come in. Using live web chat helps increase new patient acquisition from your website by 65%.

Once a patient joins the clinic, providers and nurses can stay in touch with them about next steps, treatment, and medication with OhMD two-way patient texting. Texting allows providers to support patients each step of the way. Patients get reassurance knowing they can always text the practice if they have questions or concerns, even after hours. When it comes to a process as sensitive as fertility treatment, not everything happens 9 to 5. For these moments, providers on OhMD can enable alerts on their smartphones for patient messages and can respond with immediacy if there is an emergency.

To save time, keep patients on track with their treatment, and minimize appointment no-shows, fertility clinics can use the OhMD broadcast tool to send reminders to a long list of patients at once. Practices on OhMD have seen a 77% decrease in appointment no-shows since they started using the platform. Within these appointment reminder texts, the practice can send links to required forms, like intake and consent-to-treatment forms, to patients to fill out on their phones ahead of time.

If your fertility clinic is hoping to grow, OhMD is a helpful tool. You can ask for patient reviews through text on an individual basis in a way that is mindful of their time, situation, and health. See what other fertility clinics are saying about OhMD here.

Here are some fertility clinics using OhMD:

northeastern reproductive medicine

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