As instant messaging in healthcare becomes more and more prominent, providers are beginning to use applications that allow them to be more connected with their patients than previously possible. This shift will save time, money, and lives for health organizations all over the world. For this reason, it is important health systems recognize the importance of new communication technology for nurses and providers.

What is a “HIPAA Texting Solution?”

To be brief, a “HIPAA texting solution” is a communication technology for nurses and providers. HIPAA is the set of regulations that providers must follow in order to minimize loss or mishandling of protected health information (PHI). If these rules are not followed, health systems can face fines of up to $50,000 per incident in extreme cases. Although nurses and providers must be cognizant of how they choose to share PHI, efficient communication is essential in healthcare. In some cases, health professionals do not have extra time for connecting with coworkers or reaching out to family members. HIPAA compliant texting software is the solution to this problem.

Benefits of implementing a communication technology for nurses and providers

Instant understanding of your patient’s situation

With immediate communication comes a better understanding of your patient’s situation. Whether you are inquiring about the physical wellbeing of your patient, or want to learn more about their social determinates of health, communication is key.

Recording changes in care

As your patient goes throughout the care process, communication is essential for ensuring the highest possible quality of treatment. Communication technology for nurses allows care providers to always be up-to-date with care updates, allowing them to prioritize their patient’s wellbeing rather than contacting coworkers.

Improving transitions in care

Efficient communication is essential while organizations transfer patients hospital units and health systems. Protected health information like insurance details, X-rays, diagnoses, and medications must be shared between nurses and providers in different organizations. Accordingly, utilizing the optimal method of communication is essential. Today, this communication technology for nurses and providers comes in the shape of a secure messaging platform.

Reduced costs

Integrating a communication technology for nurses and providers reduces the costs faced by your practice. In fact, a recent study found that the average hospital loses $557,253 each year due to inefficient discharge times. Moreover, efficient communication between providers and patients drastically reduces the no-show rate, saving your practice even more money.