Or maybe the better question is what keeps you coming back? Day after day. Year after year. With all of the unknowns and headaches that come with healthcare bureaucracy, your commitment rarely waivers.

We’ve asked this question to a lot of doctors across the country—from all kinds of specialties. We’ve asked wide-eyed-first-year docs who are just getting started and 40-year grizzled veterans who’ve seen it all. And the common thread is undeniable. It connects each and every doctor that we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know.

Doctors have something inside them that compels them to want to help another person. To serve. To discover and learn. And this desire to help comes to life in its purest form when doctors and patients meet face-to-face. This in-person interaction is why doctors are, well, doctors.

But when your patient leaves your office, what happens next? That doctor-patient relationship doesn’t suddenly end when your patient leaves the room. Absolutely not. It needs to continue. With the same level of care, empathy, and honesty that established it in the first place. Until now, it’s been next to impossible to keep that relationship going strong.

We are OhMD. We created a secure, efficient, and personal messaging platform that keeps the conversations going with your patients and colleagues. Thousands of doctors and practices across the country use OhMD. They rely on us to help them honor their patient relationships.

Let’s be honest, we didn’t invent messaging. We just made it work for doctors, their colleagues, and their patients. It’s a proactively and proven solution in healthcare, and those don’t come along every day. But most importantly, it’s a personal solution. A tool that recognizes how important it is to keep relationships going strong.

And that’s probably the biggest reason why it works for so many doctors.