Everyone has their own reason for choosing to be in healthcare. And regardless of that original reason, you understand the role you play in keeping patients healthy. You understand the importance of that role, and that’s what drives you to do better for patients.

And while our healthcare system is far from perfect, there will continue to be opportunities to improve the care you deliver. And while you work to keep patients healthy and out of the emergency department, there will be new models to allow you to run your practice efficiently, and be reimbursed for the quality of care you deliver.

Practices using OhMD are already seeing new reimbursements for keeping patients healthy. Here are a few of the ways you can generate revenue for your practice now and in the future by providing the best care for your patients.

Value-Based Reimbursements (VBR)

The majority of physician practice reimbursements are still from fee-for-services models. However the shift to value-based reimbursements is steadily picking up speed.

Starting in 2019, CMS began reimbursing for Remote Patient Monitoring which is focused on ways to communicate with patients between visits. CMS will also begin to reimburse for digital communications under the new CMS Primary Cares program. Within this program, there are two unique pathways to value-based reimbursement: Primary Care First and Direct Contracting.