Our mission at OhMD is to create a world where every physician, clinician, and patient is happy, healthy, and can communicate freely. We’re passionate about this mission and want to work with people that share that same passion.

Want to work with a fast-growing startup? Interested in enjoying work and making an impact on the world? We’re a fully distributed team with team members located throughout the country, so don’t hesitate to reach out no matter where you live.

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Want to go a little further than just words on a page? Introduce yourself with a video! With a fully distributed team like ours, video plays a huge role in how we work together.

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We’re currently hiring:

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An eager salesperson with a lot of energy.

We’d like to talk to anyone that has had some sales experience and is passionate about software. Show us that you’ve been successful in sales in some capacity and we’re happy to consider anyone that we feel will be successful in healthcare software-as-a-service.

Self-disciplined and strong interpersonal skills.

We’re bring practices and hospitals onto the OhMD platform at a rapid pace, so we need team members that are willing to jump in and work with these practices to set them up for success.

Driven by helping make healthcare work.

We’re constantly adding features and doing everything we can to support our customers so they love OhMD (and so do their patients). We’re looking for people that go above and beyond to deliver the best possible experience to OhMD users.

Innovative thinkers. Fast movers.

Our development team is growing. The best engineers love to learn, and we need people that can learn quickly and focus on shipping new features and optimizations on a regular basis.

Currently, we need a master Android developer on the team, and we’re looking for backend engineers with experience with scaling platforms on AWS.

Data driven marketing powerhouse.

We’re looking for a marketing generalist that combines data with market insight to make decisions. Our ideal candidate has a solid grasp of the modern digital marketing tools and knows the value of good content.

Passion for healthcare.

We’ve had incredible success working with interns that are excited to make a difference in healthcare and see an opportunity to add value.

If you’re interested in an internship at OhMD, let us know!