As an athenahealth partner, OhMD is excited to be able to offer two-way texting, broadcast messaging, live web chat, and HIPAA compliant texting for your team and patients to help you waste less time playing phone tag, driving more revenue into your practice, and delivering an incredible patient experience!

OhMD combines the ease of texting with the security of HIPAA compliance to offer patient and team communication that’s simple and effective. A whopping 98% of text messages are read compared to 28% of emails and 7% of patient portal messages. OhMD provides a dependable, conversational patient experience through text.

The best part? OhMD makes it easy to send those patient conversations over to the patient’s chart in athenaNet. We’ve created a comprehensive communication platform that adapts to fit your specific workflow.

Click below to learn how two-way texting can integrate with athenaNet and work to replace all that phone tag in your practice.

What can two-way patient texting do for my practice on athenaNet?

Less Wasted Time

Save 2.9 hours per staff each day

When your team can communicate with patients, the phone tag stops, and productivity improves.

Decrease No-Shows

Make $4,968 more per provider each month

When you can reach patients, you can make sure they don’t miss their appointment.

What can OhMD do?


  • SMS texting with patients (no app required)
  • Texting from your practice phone number
  • Broadcast messages
  • Live web chat
  • Texting intake forms and surveys
  • Athenahealth integrated
  • Video chat

We make two-way texting with patients as easy as texting with friends and family. Then we take those patient conversations and put them into the patient’s chart in athenaNet.

No app download required!

Two-way patient texting integrated into athenanet