How thriving practicescommunicate with patients

Gone are the days of endless patient calls and phone tag.

Patient communication that brings harmony to practices.

Slash call volume and phone tag.

Patient communication that works for you.


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G2 Crowd Rating

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Reach patients, not voicemail

by text-enabling your office line

90% of texts get read in the first 3 minutes! 

Imagine converting half your calls to text conversations.

Automate the simple communication workflows or deliver a high-touch experience for the patient conversations that need you.

You can even assign other teams or individuals to conversations to streamline communication.

Automated conversation workflows save your staff time

From appointment scheduling and patient check-ins to prescription refills, OhMD will save you hours each day putting your most common patient conversations on Autopilot.

Connect OhMD to your phone menu and convert your patient calls convert to SMS text chats. Wave goodbye to long hold times and endless phone tag.

Communication efficiency right out of the box.

Make connection simple, just like Central Massachusetts Podiatry

Their Challenge:

  • Five hours per day of phone calls with patients  
  • Traditional phone system led to endless voicemail and long call times frustrating both patients and staff

Their Solution:

  • The team turned to OhMD to reduce call volume and convert calls into text conversations

Their Results:

  • 50% reduction in the average length of a patient call
  • 20% reduction in call volume in just two months 
  • Improved patient communication with existing staff instead of contracting an external healthcare call center

OhMD simplifies patient communication.

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