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Never miss a beat with OhMD's patient communication toolkit that has everything you've enjoyed with Zipwhip and adds many other tools that make your patient experience phenomenal.

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*Up to $500 of total termination fees of Zipwhip contract

Everything you've enjoyed with Zipwhip and so much more!

Let OhMD be your partner in building your digital front door. As a HIPAA compliant Zipwhip alternative, OhMD grows with you as you scale your practice. Add features beyond texting, webchat and video visits to improve the patient experience!

OhMD features you'll love when you make the switch from Zipwhip:

Assign conversations to a care team within your organization

Branching logic in automated messages

Export your conversations in PDF or right into your EHR

Customizable electronic forms delivered via text

Deliverability notifications on your text messages

Video visits and webchat together with SMS texting

A patient-centered approach to communication

People want to be in control of their care journey. Overdeliver on their expectations.

A simple, convenient experience

Everyone wants convenience, especially in healthcare. Put patients first by simplifying what it means to truly access care.

A digital front door

The patient relationship depends on trust and simplicity. Make your practice easy to connect with so patients feel seen and heard.

Patient-centered care

Open up new ways for your people to communicate with you and build long-lasting, trusted relationships that improve the patient experience.


What our customers are saying...

5 Star Rating
5 Star Rating

OhMD is very easy to use and the team is always thinking of innovative ways to help medical practices be more patient friendly while enhancing the patient experience in the best way possible. It has really allowed us to communicate easily with our patients and vice versa as well as helped us keep our schedules in line with the tools they provide to help paperwork be succinct.

Most clients have given feedback within a day just to say how much they like our texting and video visits. The ability to connect quickly, especially in mental health, is so crucial and OhMD texting and video visits make that possible.  In mental health it's so, so important because if we do have any feedback, it's really important that we respond to it really promptly.

Urooj Ansari

Erin Little

Clinical Director, Integrated Spine & Joint Institute

Head of Product & Operations, Ayana Therapy


Why bundle two-way texting, live webchat and video visits?

Give your patients confidence that they can easily connect with you, with multiple secure ways to get in touch. 

Two-way SMS Text Messaging

Live Webchat on your Site

  • Give patients and prospects a way to connect with you on your website.
  • Auto-engage visitors with questions to help them find what they need.
  • Gather information to deliver the best patient experience, even when you're not in the office.
  • Customize everything; from messaging to your practice's brand colors.

One-tap Video Visits

  • Conduct appointments with your patients without them ever having to step foot in your office.
  • Incredibly simple, one-tap video visits that can be delivered through text or webchat.
  • Add multiple people to the same call on both the clinician and the patient sides.
  • Automatically record call time for easy documentation and reimbursement.
  • Text from an OhMD number or use your office line — no need to share your personal number.
  • No app to download — your conversations happen through SMS text messages.
  • Help multiple patients at once through the power of asynchronous messaging.
  • 98% of text messages are read; 90% in the first 3 minutes. Eliminate phone tag.

One tap video visits right through a text message

OhMD makes video visits with your patients incredibly simple.

Say goodbye to all the steps that make video visits complicated like signing into a patient portal and downloading apps. OhMD Video Visits lets you and your patients connect in one tap.

Easily conduct one-on-one visits or invite other people to the call from clinicians to parents. Video visits even allows each participant to choose between video and voice depending on their comfort level.

OhMD automatically record call time for easy documentation to your EHR and to ensure you can get accurate reimbursement.

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Things to know about Zipwhip and switching to OhMD

When will Zipwhip shut down?

Zipwhip will be shut down on December 1, 2022. Zipwhip made this announcement to their user base on October 25th, 2021.

As a Zipwhip user, what will happen if I don't switch to a different texting service provider?

All Zipwhip functionality will end on December 1, 2022. You will not be able to use or access the Zipwhip software product, which includes sending and receiving texts on your business phone number and extracting data (e.g. your contact lists).

How long do I have to make changes to my Zipwhip account, like adding users and phone numbers?

Per Zipwhip, the ability to make changes to your account will end on April 30, 2022. This means that contractual changes such as purchasing more lines and users or downgrading the number of lines and users for Zipwhip will no longer be available.

How does the deal work with switching to OhMD from Zipwhip

To make the switch easy for you, OhMD will cover your termination fees with Zipwhip up to $500. To take advantage of this you will need to provide proof of remaining Zipwhip contract costs and end date. The termination fees up to $500 total will be reflected in your OhMD billing.

I registered for 10DLC with Zipwhip. What happens if I switch to OhMD?

Upon making the switch, OhMD will register your organization for 10DLC without disruption to you. The registration for 10DLC, which is an industry-wide requirement by U.S. mobile carriers, will not pass through to OhMD from Zipwhip. 

Is the OhMD texting service HIPAA compliant?

Yes. The OhMD platform meets HIPAA requirements and in combination with patient consent, you can use SMS texting to communication with patients.

Do we have to share our cell phone numbers?

Never. When you go-live with OhMD, we'll make your office phone number textable. We can also get you a brand new number if that's preferred. Then, you'll log into the OhMD platform on your computer, iOS, or Android to respond and manage messages, telehealth visits, forms, and automation.

Will patients be able to text at all hours?

No. You're in full control when you use OhMD. You can even set up off-hours auto-responses to replace your phone service.

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