Call your patients using your textable number right from your computer

All your patient communication needs in one place, available in a click. Connect with your patients in the ways that make the most sense for them with OhMD's patient communication toolkit.

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What healthcare providers are saying about OhMD...

OhMD secure texting has really boosted the patient experience. Patients now have a quick and convenient way to reach NRM and handling of patient inquiries is much more efficient for our team!

With OhMD, if you’ve got your cell phone in front of you, you’re going to be able to do telehealth. It’s as simple as texting a video link. Everything is streamlined.

Dr. Jennifer Brown

Virginia Burberry

Director of Clinical Education

Family Practice Associates of Lexington

Co-owner and Physician

Northeastern Reproductive Medicine

Why switch to OhMD Reach?

Create a digital front door

The patient relationship depends on trust and simplicity. Give your patients the best possible care with texting and telehealth together.

Your time is valuable

Spend your time doing more important things than playing phone tag with patients. We'll save you hours each day.

More revenue, more patients

Grow your practice by delivering amazing patient experiences that your patients will want to tell the world about.

Improve the patient experience with OhMD Patient Calling

Enable more
remote work

Consolidate your
communication tools

Combine patient calling
with text messaging

Track time spent on
patient calls

Offer voice-only

Add to the amazing patient experience with text messaging

Patients want to keep things simple, and so do you. OhMD makes texting simple for your entire practice — all through your practice phone number. Stop talking at your patients, have conversations with them.

Reach patients, not voicemail

90% of texts get read in the first 3 minutes! Eliminate hours of missed phone calls by mixing calls with two-way SMS texting from your office number.

Call or start a video visit in a single tap

Text patients a link and with a single tap from their mobile device you’ll be connected on a secure video visit. Make calls to patients from your organization phone number in one click. Meeting with patients virtually, wherever they may be just got easier.

No patient portal. No passwords to remember.

OhMD makes secure HIPAA compliant video visits incredibly simple. Patients and care teams love how easy it is to start a telehealth appointment from wherever they are.

Secure live chat with your website visitors

Grow your practice by making it easier than ever for patients to ask questions with a secure live chat right on your website. You can even qualify your patients automatically with intake questions.

Patient engagement starting with a web visit

OhMD live webchat integrates right on your website so you never miss an opportunity to connect with current or future patients seeking care or looking to answer questions.

Automated texting workflows to save you time

Put your common patient communications on Autopilot with automated text message workflows that make information sharing a breeze for you and your patients.

Workflow automation with a human touch

Automate those repetitive care team tasks with SMS text workflows. From appointment scheduling and check-in to prescription refills, OhMD will save you hours each day!

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