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Patients want to keep things simple, and so do you. Whether you are looking for a Klara (acquired by ModMed) alternative or simply researching Klara competitors, look no further than OhMD which makes texting simple for your entire practice — all through your practice phone number. 

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If you are considering Klara and OhMD or comparing Klara pricing with OhMD, look no further than G2 Crowd Klara reviews and compare them with OhMD reviews. 

How is OhMD different than Klara?

We believe both OhMD and Klara are moving healthcare toward a better future. One where the patient experience is paramount. And with better patient communication, healthcare just operates more efficiently. 

Here are some features unique to OhMD that we believe you'll like:

Two-way encrypted messaging and SMS Texting

Outbound Calling

SMS Automation

Flexible Pricing

EHR Agnostic

Amazing patient experiences start with a text message

The last thing you want is for your patients to jump through hoops to communicate with you and your team. Your patients will know exactly how OhMD works from the moment they use it, because it's just that simple.

Reach patients, not voicemail

90% of texts get read in the first 3 minutes! Eliminate hours of phone time and connect with patients on their terms through two-way SMS texting from your office number.

Automated texting workflows to save you time

Put your common patient communications on Autopilot with automated text message workflows that make information sharing a breeze for you and your patients.

Workflow automation with a human touch

Automate those repetitive care team tasks with SMS text workflows. From appointment scheduling and check-in to prescription refills, OhMD will save you hours each day!

Integration with over 85 EHR solutions

Send and receive patient data across a wide array of electronic health record solutions that will ensure the patients record reflects your conversations.

Easy integration with your EHR

OhMD integrates with electronic health record solutions across healthcare including athenahealth, AdvancedMD, Allscripts, Cerner, DrChrono, eClinicalWorks, Epic and more!


What users are saying about OhMD...

OhMD secure texting has really boosted the patient experience. Patients now have a quick and convenient way to reach NRM and handling of patient inquiries is much more efficient for our team!

Dr. Jennifer Brown

Co-owner and Physician

Northeastern Reproductive Medicine

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