OhMD Closes $1.2M Seed Funding Round

We’re excited to announce our recent round of funding!

Eideard Venture Capital led the seed round. The company and its affiliated entities are also investors in Marathon Health. The Eideard Group represents, among others, the families of the founding members of IDX Systems Corp., a patient records and medical billing software company acquired in 2005 for USD 1.2 billion.

“OhMD has always been laser-focused on simplifying communication for doctors and connecting patients with their practices. We set out to eliminate friction in clinical workflows and improve patient care,” said Ethan Bechtel, CEO of OhMD. “We’re fortunate to now have investors that have not only been in healthcare IT for decades, but have built products used by hundreds of thousands of doctors. We have a shared vision for how we can change healthcare by simplifying communication.”

State of Vermont and VITL partner with OhMD to offer secure texting service to Vermont doctors

Burlington, VT – Vermont Information Technology Leaders, Inc. (VITL) and OhMD announce a partnership that will bring a secure, HIPAA secure texting service to Vermont health care providers and their patients. Smartphone use is nearly universal, so secure texting in health care makes sense as a fast and easy communication option, and offers patients more opportunities to engage in their own care.

“This is a natural extension of VITL’s services,” said John K. Evans, President and CEO at VITL. “VITL has been advancing health care reform in Vermont for ten years, and OhMD is a technology platform that can dramatically increase patient engagement.” Studies in the field of patient engagement indicate that “patients who are more activated are less likely to be obese or to smoke, while being more likely to have clinical indicators that fall within normal parameters—such as normal blood pressure, cholesterol, and hemoglobin A1c levels—in contrast to patients who are less activated. There is also evidence that more activated patients are less likely than less activated patients to use the emergency department or to be hospitalized.” (1)

According to a parent who participated in OhMD’s pilot program at a Middlebury pediatrics practice, “[it] really feels like we can get in touch when needed. Such a great service.”

As simple as standard text messaging – but with built-in security and privacy to meet HIPAA standards – OhMD provides an intuitive user experience. Secure texting can make care coordination with colleagues, staff and referring providers faster and easier, with the ability to quickly create channels for communicating with patients in the circle of care. Consider a mother or father wanting to quickly send their doctor a secure text with an image of a rash their child just developed. Within the care coordination circle the doctor forwards the text to a specialist for assessment, then texts the concerned parent with recommendations, before needing to make an in-person appointment.

Vermont has been a leader in efforts to reform the way health care is delivered in the state, and embracing new methods of communication is part of the transformation. Al Gobeille, chair of the Green Mountain Care Board recently commented, “We do see that better coordinated care between providers, and more timely interactions with patients can lead to better outcomes.”

For more information about the OhMD secure text messaging service, please contact VITL at 802-861-1943 or visit www.OhMD.com/Vermont.

1.Pay attention to “patient activation”. The Incidental Economist. http://theincidentaleconomist.com/wordpress/pay-attention-to-patient-activation/

About VITL

Vermont Information Technology Leaders, Inc. (VITL) is a nonprofit organization that advances health care reform in Vermont. VITL assists Vermont health care providers with adopting and using health information technology, to improve the quality of care delivery, to enhance patient safety and to reduce the cost of care. VITL is legislatively designated to operate the health information exchange (HIE) for Vermont, and is governed by a collaborative group of stakeholders including health plans, hospitals, physicians, other health care providers, state government, employers, and consumers. For more information, please visit www.vitl.net

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and OhMD partner to study texting for cancer care

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, one of the top cancer hospitals in the world, recently partnered with OhMD to study the impact of texting with patients for cancer care. The agreement between the two companies allowed Memorial Sloan Kettering to validate the use of texting for patients to communicate with their physicians and care teams. The study was designed to understand the impact of texting on the patient experience, patient engagement, communication efficiency, and staff adoption.

OhMD Graduates from Blueprint Health Accelerator in NYC

New York, NY – September 22, 2014 – OhMD has announced their completion of the Blueprint Health Accelerator program in New York City, which selected seven early-stage companies out of over 300 submissions to participate in the program. OhMD is a mobile and web-based app that allows patients to securely text message with their doctors and practices.

Blueprint Health’s three-month program provides participants with access to capital and mentorship from healthcare leaders from around the world. The mentor community provided by Blueprint Health includes hospital and health tech executives, physicians, investors, and other startup founders. Specifically, participants receive $20,000 in cash, more than $70,000 in perks, and office space at Blueprint Health’s loft in Soho, which is home to 40 health tech startups. The mentor-driven program has built a strong track record of building successful companies; since 2012 nearly 85% of alumni are still operational.

OhMD provides a secure texting platform to doctors and healthcare professionals looking to improve the patient experience while decreasing call volume, phone tag, and voicemails. OhMD also integrates with electronic health records to document all conversations between patients and practice staff  in the electronic chart in a HIPAA secure way. As the healthcare industry moves away from fee-for-services and towards value-based reimbursements, physicians are looking for better ways to keep their patients healthy between visits.