Capture and Convert Patient Referrals in Less Than 60 Seconds.

Dramatically reduce the amount of time between receiving a patient referral and actually booking their appointment. 

Convert your referrals in seconds instead of weeks.

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How it works:

Referring providers can choose to text or call

With OhMD Referrals your practice can leverage a dedicated patient referral phone number. 

The referring clinician can simply text or call your referral line to kick off the workflow.

Referral voicemail is transcribed for you

If a provider chooses to leave a voicemail referral, everything is transcribed for you right in OhMD. 

Referring providers will be prompted to provide all the information surrounding the patient’s referral needs.

Referral Conversion. Automated.

With all the information collected from the referring provider, OhMD automates the outreach and conversion process.

A text message is sent, giving the patient easy access to provide availability and insurance without making any calls.

What once took weeks, now takes seconds

Patient referral phone tag is a thing of the past. 

With OhMD Referrals you can seamlessly capture and convert patient referrals creating a closed loop referral process and ending referral leakage forever!

Patient Referral Management. Solved.

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